How I Use Evernote to Stay Organized and Why You Should Too


EvernoteEvernote has become a centralized part of my life. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Evernote is an app available for your computer, smartphone or tablet (also available through a browser) that allows you to organize notes and remember things. Notes can include text, pictures and even PDFs.

How I Use Evernote

As an IT Director, I use Evernote heavily while at work. I snap pictures of serial numbers for products I purchase for employees, I keep track of contact information and I write down details from support phone calls (names of people I speak to and case numbers, etc…) among other things. It’s also great for documenting frequent problems and fixes.

To me, Evernote’s killer feature is the ability to index and search text within photos. Let’s say I need to remember something that was written on a whiteboard during a meeting a month ago. The whiteboard was probably erased long ago, but if I took I picture of it in Evernote I now have access to what I need.

Another great feature I love about Evernote is the syncing of information between multiple devices. If I type up a note using the Evernote software on my MacBook Pro it’s on my iPad and iPhone when I need it a few moments later. Likewise, if I snap a picture with my iPhone while I’m on ...

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