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Charity Toolbox: 100+ Nonprofit-Specific Tech Tools (Categorized)


This post is #2 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category. Total items listed: 117. Time to compile: 6-7 hours. Follow @DailyTekk on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a week!

Since I not only work for a nonprofit but am also in the process of starting my own nonprofit, I’ve been doing some research into some useful tech tools in the social sector. In my search I ran across a few list posts that either (a) mentioned only a few tools or (b) mentioned tools that were really just business tools that nonprofits could also use. Since neither scenario offered me an easy-to-bookmark motherlode/jackpot scenario that fulfilled my craving for nonprofit-specific tech tools, I set out to create a useful list of my own. Trust me when I say it wasn’t easy. I spent a good 6-7 hours of my free time researching, typing and linking but I feel like my effort paid off since I discovered dozens of new tools I had never heard of before including a few that are still in private beta testing (denoted as coming soon). It should be known that I left quite a few sites out because they had designs that looked like they were from the very beginning of the Internet (design is important to me). If I missed anything good let me know in the comments!

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  1. – Social fundraising made easy for everyone.
  2. HelpersUnite – Connecting artistic projects, business and charity.
  3. CauseVox – Build beautiful fundraising sites quickly and easily.
  4. Fundly – Social fundraising platform.
  5. Causecast (for nonprofits) – Free cause marketing and fundraising tools.
  6. Givey – Cost-effecetive, gift-aided donations through social media and SMS.
  7. Pinkdingo – Enabling recurring donations (coming soon)
  8. MyCharityBox – Easily collect donations online.
  9. Philanthroper – Daily deals site / non-profit donations mashup.
  10. Charity Engine – Changing the world one bit at a time.
  11. Sevenly – Tee-shirts that raise money for charity.
  12. 1% of Nothing – Inspiring early-stage corporate philanthropy (coming soon).
  13. Give2gether – Effective and simple online fundraising.
  14. Flipgive – A better way to run fundraising campaigns (coming soon).
  15. Razoo – Online fundraising and donations for nonprofits (at 2.9%).
  16. Charitybuzz – Do good. Live well.
  17. Crowdrise – Online fundraising platform.
  18. Givezooks! – Social fundraising for nonprofits.
  19. FirstGiving – Helping ordinary people raise extraordinary amounts of money.
  20. MobileCause – Mobile fundraising and engagement solutions for nonprofits.
  21. GoFundMe – Online fundraising for you.
  22. Browse For a Cause – Firefox add-on that donates to charity.
  23. ChipIn – The easy way to collect money.
  24. GoodSearch – Gives money to charities when people search.
  25. GlobalGiving – Connecting donors and doers.
  26. Givealittle – Fundraise and donate online.
  27. JustGive – Online charitable giving.
  28. iTrulyCare – Free charity event ticket sales and fundraising.
  29. SmallChangeFund – Grassroots giving and community projects.
  30. SixDegrees – Social networking with a social conscience.
  31. Twollers – The Twitter currency of appreciation.

Connecting with Volunteers

  1. Sparked – Skills-based enterprise microvolunteering for corporations.
  2. Catchafire – Skills-based volunteer matching.
  3. HandsOn Network – Inspiring, equipping and mobilizing people to take action.
  4. All For Good – Find and share ways to do good.
  5. Taproot Foundation – Service grants for professional pro-bono work.
  6. VolunteerMatch – Where volunteering begins.
  7. Idealist – Volunteer, work, intern, organize, hire and connect.
  8. Do Something – Powering offline action.
  9. VolunteerSpot – Free volunteer sign-up sheets and scheduling.
  10. ABV – International development and corporate volunteering.
  11. – America’s volunteering address.
  12. Volunteering in America – Info on volunteering and civic engagement.

Marketing and Awareness

  1. BroadCause – Activating employees and companies around social good.
  2. SocialVibe – Charity platform that connects consumers and charities.
  3. – Create and market awareness campaigns to targeted users.
  4. The Point – Campaign asking people to give money or accomplish something.
  5. We Are What We Do – Helping charities engage more people.
  6. Better the World – Connecting companies, nonprofits and individuals.
  7. Games for Change – Catalyzing social impact through digital games.
  8. Care2 – Makes it easy for people to impact the causes they care about most.
  9. GreatNonprofits – Independent reviews of nonprofit organizations.
  10. Twititions – Create and sign petitions using Twitter.
  11. LikeMinded – Making it easy to share community success stories.
  12. Petition Online – The marketplace for free ideas.

Miscellaneous and Other

  1. The Mutual – Rewards people for donating to charity with perks.
  2. PureCharity – A global platform for encouraging generosity.
  3. Crowdtap – People earn status and gift cards and support charity in the process.
  4. GiveBack – Create your own foundation.
  5. TechSoup – Helping nonprofits get the tech resources they need.
  6. NetSquared – The intersection of technology and social change.
  7. Bloson – A social network for contributing to charity (coming soon).
  8. Footprints Network – Businesses harnessing micro-donations.
  9. – Free services for nonprofits.
  10. Citizen Effect – Citizen philanthropy.
  11. Benelab – Raise money for charity by searching the web.
  12. charitubl – Raising awareness and money or charity (coming soon).
  13. – Creating solutions to social problems.
  14. Fenton – Serves the public interest by creating powerful issue campaigns.
  15. Socinteract – Socialize for a cause.
  16. Sojo – Play for good.
  17. KarmaGoat – Give your stuff, do some good.
  18. Tagive – A piece of each purchase is donated to a charity of the week.
  19. – Customers fill out surveys and donate money.
  20. Givedon – Another search engine that gives money to charities.
  21. Give a Tweet – Match, donate, tweet to spread the giving.

Directories and Evaluators

  1. Charity Blossom – Learn about and donate to nonprofits.
  2. Guidestar – Nonprofit reports.
  3. Charity Navigator – America’s largest charity evaluator.
  4. Charities Review Council – Resources for smart giving.

Donor Management:

  1. Donor Tools – Smart donor management.
  2. Blackbaud – Nonprofit accounting software and management system.
  3. Click & Pledge – Online fundraising and donor management tool.
  4. Convio – Nonprofit constituent engagement solutions.
  5. WildApricot – Membership software.


  1. Google Tools for Nonprofits – Free access to Google products.
  2. MailChimp – Email marketing software. MailChimp for nonprofits.
  3. Wufoo – Easy online form builder. Wufoo for nonprofits.

Mobile Apps:

  1. Snooze – Allows people to donate $0.25 per snooze.
  2. Instead – Microdonation app.
  3. CareZone – Give to charity when you make a purchase.

Legal Tools

  1. LegalZoom – Online legal document service.
  2. Rocket Lawyer – Free legal document service.

Blogs and Resources

  1. Inspiring Generosity – Fundraising blog by Razoo.
  2. Poptech – Dedicated to investigating, prototyping and growing social innovations.
  3. Craigconnects – Technology for the common good.
  4. Living Philanthropic – An ordinary guy’s guide to giving back every day.
  5. Nonprofit Bridge – ePhilanthropy for nonprofit organizations.
  6. Nonprofit Tech 2.0 – A social media guide for nonprofits.
  7. Social Citizens – Immerse. Converse. Disperse.
  8. Version of NPtech – Supporting and educating change makers.
  9. CauseWired – The blog of a boutique consulting firm that advises nonprofits.
  10. Social Butterfly – Exploring social media marketing and social change.
  11. Katya’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog – Nonprofit marketing.
  12. Social Source Commons – Nonprofit tech, tools and social media advice.

Bonus: Charities Using Technology In Interesting Ways

  1. charity: water – Getting clean water to people in developing nations.
  2. Kiva – Connecting people through lending to alleviate poverty.
  3. GiveForward – Raising money for medical expenses.
  4. – Community funded reporting.
  5. SwipeGood – Swipe your credit card and donate.
  6. Raspberry Pi – Sells an ARM GNU/Linux box for $25.
  7. Community Collection – A portion of sales go toward charity.
  8. Girl Effect – Helping adolescent girls end poverty for themselves.
  9. Child’s Play – Improving kids lives through video games.
  10. DonorsChoose – Connecting people to classrooms in need.
  11. Global Gift Guide – Give gifts that really matter.
  12. HopeMob – Allowing people to vote on causes.


  1. This was great! Thanks for sharing!

    1. dailytekk says:

      Thanks! It was a lot of work so I’m glad someone likes it!

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning Small Change Fund in your list of fundraising resources. BUT more importantly, what a useful and awesome blog post, thank you for doing all that research!

    We will be sharing this with our grassroots project partners to help them build their own non-profit capacity.

    Well done, and best of luck with your own organization.

  3. Another place to checkout for NFP tools in the U.S. is and in Australia we have

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  5. Annie Lynsen says:

    Great list!

    I’d add Thrive (social CRM) and Profile Builder (social data aggregator) to the list. More info here: and

  6. Great resource, thanks!

    Btw, you left out my nonprofit, MiniDonations, which works across several areas: Fundraising, Marketing (CSR), Mobile, interesting use of Technology (point of sale, Ecommerce, and workplace giving). We’re among the few on this list that are nonprofits.

    Also, please add HelpAttack! They’re another Austin-based social benefit organization.


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  8. Lori Hood Lawson says:

    Great curation! Thanks for posting this list! I recommend adding Affinaquest ( to the donor management category. Affinaquest is built on the platform.

  9. Ehren says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Leo (MiniDonations). We’d love to see on the list, and is pretty cool tool.

  10. Great resource that can help many people and organizations accomplish what they are seeking to do. Thank you for including in this phenomenal list.

  11. gristjen says:

    FYI, I think that swipegood is out of business. Anyone know the scoop on that?

  12. Quora says:

    Where can I find a list of all of the online services that a nonprofit organization can get?…

    As far as I know, no one has put together a comprehensive list.  Here are my go-to places: * Tech Soup ( in addition to providing services for nonprofits themselves, the forums are a great place to search for additional community-recom…

  13. Liz Wilson says:

    Brilliant list – thank you.

  14. I would love to see our site on this list, we are a completely new kind of fundraising and merchandise endeavor-, Shirts That Tell Stories

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  16. Greg Baumann says:

    Amazing resource. Thanks! Here’s another tool, to take the pain out of human resources/hiring/applicant management: It’s called SmartRecruiters. Amazing toolkit, easier to use than other platforms. Oh … and free … which is always nice for non-profits.

  17. Great list! I would recommend adding which helps donors send real goods to nonprofits. It’s free for both nonprofits and donors to use and provides uniquely tangible and transparent giving.

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  19. kramicase says:

    You forgot Ripple (a short description on, which make your web searches benefit to charities (pretty much like Goodsearch that you listed already)

  20. […] From: Charity Toolbox: 100+ Nonprofit-Specific Tech Tools (Categorized) […]

  21. […] a list of good ones feel free to reach out, I have a growing list of good folks). There are tons of free online services and I can testify after attending NY Tech Day there will be several new and important players on […]

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