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Useful Startups: 21habit Helps You Break Any Habit in 21 Days

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I just came across this awesome little started called 21habit that helps you break any habit in 21 days. Founded and funded by a Microsoft software developer and three Amazon engineers as a side project, 21habit works like this: users start by paying in $21 up front. For every day you successfully break your habit, you get a dollar back, but, for every day you fall off the wagon, 21habit donates one of your dollars to charity. So what happens if you lie and say you didn’t fold on a day you actually did? Well, as the site itself puts it, you’re stealing from charity and are therefore a jerk! This has all the makings of a hit: it’s simple, inexpensive, does something meaningful and even includes an element of charity. If anyone tries this out, let me know what the experience is like…

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