Use Tech to Get Organized: The 100 Best Tools, Websites, Apps and More


ConquThis post is #3 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category. Total items listed: 100. Time to compile: 8+ hours. Follow @DailyTekk on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a week!

As an IT Director, I can personally appreciate how hard it can be to stay organized in today’s world. Fortunately, I’ve been able to find and utilize some incredibly helpful technology to keep my life in order. Since I’m always looking for good services and products to recommend to my coworkers, I decided to create a master list of the best organizational tools, websites, apps and more to pass around my office and post here on DailyTekk.

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I think different people will use these tools in different ways. Some people want lots of bells and whistles and will jump at a do-it-all application like Evernote (read more about why I’m a huge Evernote fan). Others may just want a simple to-do list that they can manage on their phone. Still others are looking for ways to organize their team, their finances, their passwords and their money. If you fit into any of the above categories, you’ll find something new to love here on this post.

Make sure to check out the miscellaneous section near the end of the post where I’ve stashed some of the coolest and most unique organizational tools. As comprehensive as this list is, I did leave many tools out because they didn’t seem up to par with the rest of the tools listed here, but, if I did happen to miss something great, please leave me a comment to let me know!

Notebooks / Journals / Clipping

  1. Evernote – Remember anything.
  2. Catch – App for capturing, discovering and sharing.
  3. Springpad – Really, really smart notebooks.
  4. Diigo – Web highlighter, bookmarking and annotation tool.
  5. Springnote – Online notebook based on a wiki.
  6. Awesome Note – Combine notes with to-dos in one app.
  7. – Clipping tool for intellectual people.
  8. Xinote – Take notes in the cloud.
  9. Pear Note – Records keystrokes, audio, video and slides (Mac).
  10. LifeTopix – A personal organization app.
  11. Bento – Personal database for Mac, iPhone and iPad.
  12. Mémoires – Simple and secure diary (Mac).
  13. Jottinx – Simple and clean online note taking.
  14. reQall – Remember what’s important to you here and now.
  15. Yojimbo – Effortless, reliable information manager  (Mac).
  16. Together – Keep your stuff together, find it again easily (Mac).
  17. Memonic – A collaborative online notebook.
  18. Simplenote – Keep notes, lists, ideas and more.
  19. TheBrain – Mindmapping, brainstorming and GTD software.
  20. Shovebox – Capture notes, web archives and more for Mac.
  21. RedNotebook – A modern journal.
  22. Mindspace – Encrypted notes and file storage (coming soon).
  23. Notability – Unleash your note taking ability.
  24. Notebooks – An iOS app for taking notes.
  25. Note Taker HD – Take notes with a stylus on your iPad.

To-Do Lists / Task Management

  1. Workflowy – Easy, powerful and non-overwhelming list maker.
  2. Taskforce – Converts emails into tasks.
  3. Coolender – A whole new planning experience (Web/Android/iOS).
  4. Pagico – PIM + GTD + CRM.
  5. Any.DO – Make things happen with friends. Android/iPhone/Web.
  6. Conqu – Powerful multi-platform task management.
  7. Things – Awesome to-do list for Mac/iPhone/iPad.
  8. Wunderlist – Organize and share lists. Use them anywhere.
  9. Omnifocus – Professional-grade task management (Mac/iOS).
  10. Flow – Get things done with anyone.
  11. Taskos – To-do for Android with speech-to-text.
  12. Tuex Duex – A simple, designy, free web-based to-do app.
  13. TaskPaper – Ultra-simple to-do list for Mac and iPhone.
  14. SimpleTask – No-frills to do list for Mac and iPhone.
  15. Dropkick – Simple, elegant to-do for Mac/iOS.
  16. Todo – Task manager for iPhone/iPod.
  17. Remember The Milk – Online to-do list and task management.
  18. Astrid – Personal organization and group collaboration.
  19. Todoist – Personal task manager.
  20. Tasskr – Dead-simple web-based task manager.
  21. Dooity – Light and simple web-based list manager.
  22. TaskMate – The to-do list made simple again (Mac).
  23. bTodo – Online to-do and task management for you or a team.
  24. Todo Brew – Free to-do app for iPhone/iPad.
  25. Sandglaz – Personal and team online to-dos.

Mind Mapping / Vision Boarding

  1. MindMeister – Online and mobile mind mapping (Web/iOS/Android).
  2. Gliffy – Online diagram and flowchart software.
  3. Poplet – Idea collection, curation, sharing and inspiration.
  4. MindNode – Easy mind mapping for iOS or Mac.
  5. Idea Sketch – Visualize, create, share ideas.
  6. Mindomo – Online brainstorming and mind mapping.
  7. Corkulous – iOS app for collecting, organizing and sharing ideas.
  8. SpiderScribe – Online mind mapping and brainstorming.
  9. Maptini – iPad app for collaboratively building mind maps.
  10. iThoughts – Mindmapping app for iPhone/iPad.
  11. iBlueSky – Mind mapping for iPhone/iPod.
  12. Mindo – Mind mapping for iPad.
  13. iMindMap – Mind mapping for Mac/iPhone/iPod.
  14. TheBrain – Mind mapping for Mac/PC/Linux.
  15. MindHD – Mind mapping and diagramming for iPad/iPhone.

People & Project Management / Team Collaboration

  1. Rule – Rule your work, enjoy your life.
  2. Huddle – Enterprise collaboration software used by HTC and KIA.
  3. Thymer – Easy project management for people who hate project management.
  4. Basecamp – The leading, most well-known project management software.
  5. Skylight – All-in-one productivity tool for projects, billing, tasks, files, invoicing.
  6. Projecturf – Manage projects, people and tasks.
  7. Wiggio – Collaboration software used by over 100,000 groups.
  8. Wrike – Fast, easy, enjoyable project collaboration.
  9. Teambox – Team productivity software used by Lego, Samsung, and Groupon.
  10. Asana – A shared task list for your team.
  11. Checkvist – Manage complex tasks together.
  12. Nirvana – Getting things done web 2.0 style.
  13. AtTask – Team collaboration software used by Adobe, HBO, NASA.
  14. WorkMate – Simple, agile project management.
  15. Gantter – Web-based project scheduling made easy.
  16. Mindjet – Turn ideas into action.
  17. LiquidPlanner – Collaboration software used by Citrix, Yahoo and Honeywell.
  18. Clarizen – Collaboration software used by NBC Universal and Frito Lay.
  19. GoPlan – Flexible, reliable, secure project management.
  20. 5pm – Project management, tasks, team collaboration and time tracking.
  21. HiTask – Team task management, virtual offices, collaboration.
  22. Upvise – The mobile cloud for smart businesses.
  23. Nozbe – Web-based time and project management for teams.
  24. GroupTable – Manage, store, share, plan, track.
  25. Pelotonics – Group collaboration software.

Miscellaneous / Other

  1. Thoughtback – Randomly sends you important stuff from the past.
  2. Shelfster – The best research tool for writers.
  3. Pageonce – Automatically track and pay money and bills in one app.
  4. 1Password – Account and password management (Mac/iOS).
  5. Mint – Personal money manager, budgeting and online banking.
  6. Yarny – Organize and write a novel in the cloud.
  7. Grocify – Shopping list for groups.
  8. Labels that Talk – The audio annotation company.
  9. Livescribe Smartpens – Record digital notes on real paper.
  10. Dragon Dictation – Speech to text software for Mac/PC/iOS.


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  3. David Robins says: should be in the task management list. It has more professional features than basecamp and is easier to use than Clarizen

  4. Kate B says:

    “OneNote” is a great app to add to your Notebook list.
    “Sorted” is a really nice, simple To-Do app.

  5. Wiko says:

    2Do is à really great to do list app
    Podio is à team working app that should also be in this list

  6. Hi Chris,
    We are looking for someone to present to our group the evening of May 7 and my search brought me to your website. We are a non-profit association of professional organizers and the theme of our May meeting is technology. We are looking for someone who can teach us about some of the tech tools that are available that we can learn and then help our clients learn to get and stay better organized. Please call me and let’s talk.

  7. pranav says:

    Was knowing only couple of tools in the list… thanks for this so big list for tools

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  9. Paul says:


    Great post and great list of app.
    Personally, I just found a very interesting and good application recently: Beesy. Indeed, with this application, you can find many features to accomodate tasks, generate automatically a ToDo list from your notes, make monitoring and send easily minutes by email. This app is great; you save a lot of time at work, and you start appreciating meeting again.

    You should check this :

    All the best,

  10. Takeo says:

    alturki / شهرة بي بي ام اكثر طبعاBBM + dropbox + anodird + Gdos + picasa = ios5وفوق كل هذا يقولون ان شركة ابل تخترع 0 2

  11. POS says:

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for
    web design

  12. John says:

    Good day!

    You might want to add AnywherePad ( to this list. It is a meeting and collaboration app that lets you meet anywhere and collaborate with anyone. It also lets you access your documents from anywhere and share ideas!


  13. Kate says:

    Great batch of Apps!! I wandered in to check out Writer’s Organizer Help (I’m pitching three ideas to the network in a few weeks and needed a really good, inspirational…fun-to-use…plot organizer. I found more than one…and several other apps that are wicked cool as well…Thanks for the great tips…I will be back soon and often!

    Kate Jackson

  14. Bruno says:

    Thank you !

    Great Post.

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  16. Jim Carter says:

    Track your expenses
    reminders by email

  17. Peter says:

    Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards (

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  19. Erica says:

    Great post. Thank you. Would like to add another app for time management and online collaboration to the list: Please, check it out. Regards.

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