Daily Tech Find: SHOWWX+ Pico Projector for iPhones and iPads


If you’re office is anything like my office, you’ve got a number of employees who 1.) own iPhones and 2.) travel frequently for presentations. That’s why I was pretty stoked to find the SHOWWX+ Pico Projector which can project movies, photos, presentations and streaming video up to 100″ in size. That’s pretty big for such a small device (which is slightly larger than an iPhone itself). Talk about portability and convenience! People around our office always have to carry around their projectors in huge suitcases that look like the secret service case containing the country’s nuclear launch codes. The SHOWWX+ Pico Projector has a nice list of features which includes: infinite focus, a wide field of view, the ability to simply plug n play and a wide screen resolution....

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