Daily Tech Find: BiKN Tethers Anything to Your iPhone So You Won’t Lose It


If you have trouble losing things like your car keys then the BiKN (pronounced like beacon) is right up your alley. The BiKN consists of an iPhone case and electronic tags that you can attach to anything you want to keep track of. Once you’ve tagged some of your items, the BiKN can perform 3 tasks: find, leash or page. Find works just like it sounds. When clicked, it will tell you approximately how far away you are from a particular item and tell you which direction you should head in order to find it. The leash function is a nifty trick. It notifies you when a specific item gets farther than a set distance away from your phone. Page simply makes a specific tag send out an audible noise so you can hone in on it.

The functionality offered by the BiKN is pretty cool and I love the color variety (you can pick a base color plus a highlight color). A starter kit costs $199.99 and comes with a case and 2 tags. Additional tags cost $49.99 for a set of 2. If I thought I’d use it enough I’d pay for it. The only downsides I can see here are the bulky-ish case (I used to have a Mophie case that was similar and it was too big) and the fact that ...

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