100+ Professional Social Media Business Tools for Brands and Marketers


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Social strategists, community managers and content programmers know that social media for business is more than just posting an update or tweeting some news–that’s for consumers. Businesses can harness the true power of social media by analyzing data, optimizing the social graph, leveraging powerful consumer-to-consumer platforms, using social CRM tools, tracking down and engaging influencers and monitoring for actionable intelligence.

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Businesses and organizations who are serious about engaging with customers in a meaningful way have to go beyond the basics in social media. That’s why I’ve put together this comprehensive, yet easily scannable, list of social media tools and resources that can be deployed by small business or large enterprises. While there is a lot of crossover  potential for many of these services, I’ve categorized them based on what seemed to be their focus or specialty. To start, I’ve assembled 20 random, must-see social media tools that are cool and didn’t necessarily fit into one of the other categories below. Next you’ll find some excellent marketing, monitoring (intelligence), CRM, and ...

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