DTF: Perch Won’t Let You Forget Your Charger When Travelling


Today’s daily tech find is anyone who is a frequent, or even semi-frequent, traveler who has a hard time remembering to pack their charger(s). Whether you’re at home packing for a trip or on the road and packing to go home, leaving a charger behind could be devastating if you can’t access critical data or get time-sensitive work done because your device won’t charge. Fortunately there’s a nifty new gadget called Perch that chirps when you leave your charger behind. Here’s what you’ll love about the Perch: no more running back to check whether you have your charger or not, no more purchasing replacement chargers, don’t waste extra energy by leaving chargers plugged in to the wall and no more showing up to meetings without a way to charge your gear.

Photo via The Next Web

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