DTF: Samsung MultiView Point and Shoot Camera


Decent point and shoot cameras are a dime a dozen these days. In fact, point and shoot cameras probably won’t be with us for much longer thanks to the ubiquity of decent cameras now found in iPhones, Winphones and Android devices. Even so, the 16 megapixel Samsung MV800 (MV stands for MultiView) deserves some attention for it’s uniquely adjustable LCD screen which allows for some interesting picture possibilities. Let’s say you want to take a picture close to the ground (like from an ant’s perspective looking up at something). With the MV800 you could actually see what the camera is looking at instead of shooting blind. Probably the most useful function of this moveable LCD screen is the ability to let the person or people being photographed see what they look like in real-time instead of checking the screen afterword and needing to re-pose. At $279.99 this might be a good option for people who want to add some creativity into their shots or who like to take pictures of themselves!

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