The Top 100 Twitter Tools of 2012 (Categorized)


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Twitter is my social network of choice (see our recent article: Inside Twitter). Personally, I’m not a big Facebook user (but I do appreciate the traffic it sends to DailyTekk). Twitter is one of my favorite methods for finding and sharing new information (either via the official Twitter iPhone app or Flipboard on my iPad). As awesome as the default Twitter experience is all by itself, there are some great tools available that add some extra functionality (some of the best are sometimes acquired by Twitter).

To be sure, there are far more than 100 third party Twitter tools available but many tools of them are either shady or shoddy and did not make this list. I’ve sifted through the available Twitter apps and discarded those riddled with ads, those that looked spammy and especially those that are poorly designed (you’re welcome!). There are also a lot of great social media tools that integrate with Twitter but are not Twitter exclusive and for the most part I left out anything that was wasn’t designed exclusively for Twitter. The end ...

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