Instagram Insanity: 60+ Ways to Print, View and Share Instagram Photos


Instagram, the iPhone (and soon Android) app that makes it easy to share photos will friends and family, is blowing up. In March of this year, Instagram had over 27 million users and over 100,000 weekly downloads. Whether you already love it or are just now getting into the craze, this roundup is all about helping you get the most out of your Instagram photo sharing and viewing experience. If you are already and Instagram user then you’ve probably heard of a few of these services before but I’m sure there’s plenty of new territory for you to discover. As always, let me know what I’ve missed–if it’s something good I’ll get it added!

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Random + Noteworthy + Instagram

  1. Postagram – Instantly print and ship Instagram photo postcards (iPhone).
  2. SnapWidget – Add Instagram photo gallery widgets to your site or blog. *LM
  3. Hashgram – A clean, minimalistic Instagram search tool.
  4. Copygram – Copy and vanity URL Instagram photos.
  5. Instaport – Export, download and backup Instagram photos.
  6. Followgram – Creates an Instagram follow button for blogs.
  7. Instadrop – Automatically sync your Instagram photos with Dropbox.
  8. Hashtagram – Realtime slideshow of Instagram photos.
  9. Instabam – Find lovely Instagram photos near your current location.
  10. Instahub – Collection of Instagram web apps. *LM
  11. Instagram Apps – A Tumblr blog dedicated to cataloging cool apps.
  12. Instagramers – For Instagram addicts.

Print Your Instagram Photos

  1. Printstagram – We print your Instagram photos.
  2. Instaprint – A location-based photo booth for Instagram.
  3. Printsgram – Create cool photocube PDFs and more.
  4. StickyGram – Instagram magnets with free international shipping.
  5. ImageSnap – Ceramic tile custom-printed with your images.
  6. MoPho – Mobile photo printing. Now offering 1 cent Instagram prints.
  7. Instagoodies – Stickers of your Instagram photos.
  8. Keepsy – Easy photo albums. Create Instagram photo books in seconds.
  9. Artflakes– Print your Instagram photos as giant stickers.
  10. Instamaker – Your Instagram photos on apparel, cards and more.
  11. InstaShirt – From your Instagram to a shirt.

Plays Nice with Instagram…

  1. Hipstamatic – iPhone photo app. Port photos to Instagram.
  2. Foodspotting – Find and recommend dishes. Post food photos from Instagram.
  3. – A personal page all about you. Now supports Instagram.
  4. Timehop – What did you do 1 year ago today?
  5. Animoto – Video slideshow maker. Full, built-in Instagram support.
  6. Flipboard – Your social magazine. Easily view your Instagram stream on an iPad.
  7. Pictarine – Aggregates all the photos you’ve posted on the web.
  8. Vitrue – Social marketing platform. Add Instagram photos to Facebook.
  9. Momento – A unique approach to diary writing (iPhone).
  10. BadgePlz – Social photo widgets. Includes Instagram support.

Fun and Games

  1. InstaMatch – A memory game for Instragram photos.
  2. Casetagram – Create custom cases with your Instagram photos.
  3. Sweet Hat Club – Integrates with Instagram to show off your crazy hats.
  4. Clockstagram – See the time displayed by popular Instagram photos.
  5. Screenstagram – Instagram screensaver for your Mac.
  6. INSTAWAR! – Choose the better of 2 photos in this tournament.
  7. Wallgram – Create Instagram wallpaper for your favorite gadgets.
  8. Instamory – Memorize and collect matching instagram photos.
  9. – Scrolling Instagram photos of cat related things.
  10. InstaPuppy – Dog photos from Instagram.

Instagram Web and Desktop Interfaces

  1. Extragram – An easy way to view your favorite Instagram photos.
  2. Statigram – Web interface, metrics, search tool and more.
  3. Carousel – The best way to experience Instagram on your Mac.
  4. Instamazing – Locate fresh pictures taken around you.
  5. Gramfeed – Instagram photo feed on the web.
  6. INK361 – A web interface for Instagram and so much more.
  7. Cartagram – Instagram visualization showing popular photos on a map.
  8. Visual Grub – Instagram on your Mac.
  9. Insta-great! – View popular Instagram photos one at a time.
  10. Instabauble – Explore Christmas photos on Instagram.
  11. – A mashup of Instagram and Pinterest.
  12. Webstagram – View photos, like, comment, follow, unfollow and more.
  13. InstaEarth – Popular Instagram photos from around the world.
  14. InstaMem – Wait! This reminds me of…

Instagram Apps for iPhone and iPad

  1. Instagallery – Browse Instagram photos in style (iPhone/iPad).
  2. Instamap – Browse Instagram photos on a map.
  3. Coverjam – Listen to music while viewing Instagram photos of the band.
  4. Slidelight – Instagram photo frame for your iPad.
  5. InstaFlow – Intuitive and diverting way to explore photos.
  6. Tweegram – An easy way to Tweet on Instagram.
  7. GramFrame – Watch Instagram photos fall beautifully onto your screen.

Other & Miscellaneous

  1. Adsie – Small ads, big impact. *LM
  2. Instacanvas – Instagram artist marketplace. *LM
  3. Instagrid – A clean web gallery for your Instagram photos.
  4. 52Grams – Connecting fashion savvy Instagrammers.
  5. Rrrewind – Shows popular Instagram photos from history.
  6. InstaQuit – Track who follows and unfollows you on Instagram.
  7. Gramjunction – A gathering of recent Instagrams.


*LM – Suggestions from Luke Miler.


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  2. Very useful !
    And I’m glad Instamazing made the list, thank you =)

  3. doctorpopular says:

    These are some great apps! Thanks for including Postagram on the list!

  4. hangoutdigger says:

    Thanks for including Extragram in this list :)

  5. TayFF says:

    Hey you forgot 😉

  6. TayFF says:

    Oh o, oops, didnt see it but it’s there, heheh!!!

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  9. Luke Miler says:

    Hey Chris,

    Very good list but I could add couple more worth listing:



    Grams by me




    And last but not least us – Adsie – launched on Feb 14th – invite-only network for great Instagram mashups to be able to get new users for free by cross promoting directly with each other, currently reaching over half million users each month and growing quickly.

    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Hey Luke, thanks for the great suggestions including Adsie. I’m excited to see what it is! Sorry for the long time getting back… been busy around here! I’ve added a few of your suggestions to the list with credit.

      1. Luke Miler says:

        Hey Chris, no prob and happy to help. Please feel free to DM me your email and will be happy to share some pre-website launch info.

        PS. Thanks for crediting me as well; if not a prob last name with one ” l ” please 😉

        1. Chris McConnell says:

          Of course!

    2. Todd Emaus says:

      Luke, thanks for the love :)

      1. Luke Miler says:

        Hey Todd, a pleasure.

  10. M. Fesich says:

    Hi Luke,

    Just too late for your list *grrr* – but a nice list anyway :-)

    InstaMino – Play Dominoes With Instagram Images

    1. M. Fesich says:

      Oops, it’s late here in the Netherlands .. it should read ‘Hi Chris’ in the last reply *blush* …

      1. Chris McConnell says:

        No problem! Thanks!

  11. Instaprinter says:

    Another to add to the list for Printing! We are Instaprinter ( a brand new service for printing Instagram photos. We offer texture prints which are an affordable alternative to canvas and they start at only $20.

    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Nice suggestion, thanks.

      1. Instaprinter says:

        No problem, thanks for the post!

    2. Luke Miler says:

      Hey guys, looks like you have some nice stuff up there.

      Are you interested in getting more users for free by cross promoting with other sites? Happy to email you more details.

      1. Instaprinter says:

        Most definitely Luke, thanks for your offer!

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  13. Tim says:

    This blog may have just saved me hours of work! Hashtagram could be my saviour!

  14. Martha says:

    Another one to add to the list: Pixxlz

    Edit, share, order your Facebook photos.

  15. Alia says:

    We just launched a site that lets you create unique business cards or minicards using all of your Instagram images. If you’d like to check it out, it’s

    1. Luke Miler says:

      Hey Alia, looks like a nice idea, congrats on your launch!

      I run Adsie which is the first and biggest invite-only cross promotion / ad network for Instagram services.

      If you’re looking to get more users for free by cross promoting with other sites, let me know and I will send you an invite.

  16. I love instragram- glad you can print the pics because the software is ace- makes me look fab! haha!

  17. Tate says:

    Hi Chris, nice list there. I thought you’d like to know about our service that prints and mounts Instagram photos to bamboo, acrylic and aluminum to create gallery quality wall art. We offer it in 7×7, 12×12 and 18×18. This is a higher end product to the canvas product so it’s more expensive but the feedback has been terrific. Several of our customer are having much success in selling their work in galleries and on their own sites. Here’s more info on our service:

    1. Luke Miler says:

      Hey, Bumblejax looks nice. I run Adsie which is first, invite-only ad network for Instagram, iPhone and mobile photography services.

      You can spot our ads on sites such as,, and many more – we’ve just hit 2 million ads served since our launch few weeks ago.

      If you’re looking to get more users for free by cross promoting with other sites or advertise to qualified users across high quality sites, let me know and I will be happy to send you more info.

  18. David.cho says:

    Thanks for the good article. I also have a lot of interest in Camera apps, and found a new app which has great filter effects: you can download and check it out from the link.
    I expect a post about this kind of non-popular apps as well. 

  19. David says:

    You need to also check out Coastergrams! They take any 4 of your Instagrams and turn them into a set of stone drink coasters.

  20. Alan Masarsky says:

    I would highly recommend checking out Instagrille – a beautiful Instagram app for your desktop PC. Check it out at the Pokki app store:

    Instagrille brings in fun and gorgeous photos from your closest friends, and creative people from around the world.

  21. Sean says:

    Also check out – perfect little 3×3 inch prints of your Instagram Photos

    1. Luke Miler says:

      Hey Sean, just sent you an email, cheers.

      1. Flipagram says:

        Great post!

        Another one for the list: Flipagram

        Use Flipagram to bring your moments captured on Instagram to life through video.

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  23. dan says:

    this one is really cool

  24. Chris says:

    You might also wanna look at this one:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  25. Monique says:

    Also you can check out our recently launched company Instasparkle ( for jewelry that allows you to wear your instagram photos.

  26. Superb list! Surprised to see so many Instagram related apps here. Can’t wait to try them 😀

  27. […] Eine Vielzahl neuer Plattformen Einige Beispiele: Mit Pinstagram hat sich eine weitere Plattform etabliert, die die Eigenheiten von Instagram und Pinterest verknüpft: Instagram-Streams werden in Pinterest-Pinnwand-Optik dargestellt. So wird der Nachteil der fehlenden Web-Oberfläche ausgeglichen Statigram bietet ein Interface für Account-Verwaltung, statistische Analyse der Bildverwendung und Weitergabe in andere soziale Netze. Mit Instacanvas können Bildergalerien durch Verkauf als echte Prints monetarisiert werden, mit Postagram können Bilder aus Instagram und Facebook als Postkarten-Motive in der realen Welt verschickt werden. Der bisher skurilste Dienst Coastermatic bietet die Erstellung von Getränke-Untersetzer-Sets aus Instagram-Bildern an. Es entstehen Anwendungen, die nicht nur Dienste innerhalb der Online-Welt anbieten, sondern ins reale Wirtschaftsleben zurückwirken. Eine Übersicht der populärsten Dienste rund um Instagram findet sich hier auf Daily Tekk. […]

  28. Jolanda says:

    Hey Chris!

    There is a great app for printing Instagram photos: PostalPix.

    They only ship within the US. Unfortunately for me (I live in The Netherlands). I know a lot of my IG friends use Postalpix to print their best IG photos and share them with their IG friends (#postalpixpenpals), and me :-).


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  30. John says:

    Hi Chris! Thanks for the useful list.

    Also check out this one: – 100% Instagram car photos

  31. isidora says:

    I tried to print it at home but for 25 cents at I got professional prints in 2 days. Here is a picture:

  32. domingo says:

    Try print magnets from
    bigger magnet and you get 154 stickers for free.

    1. Alex says:

      What a nice list, I shoul iinclude 4K Stogram that allows to download Instagram photos in bulk on Mac or PC.

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  34. Sue Lambrix says:

    I see places I can have my Instagram photos printed……… I want an album I can put my pictures in and add my captions. A regular old fashion picture album! I would love to know where I can buy one. I am surprised I am having such a hard time finding one
    Thank you
    Sue Lambrix

    1. Wendy Li says:

      Hi Sue,

      I agree, there is something really nice about having a tangible album of your memories, one that you can share with around a table with your family, friends, and maybe even future grandkids.

      This is the reason why PastBook was first founded.

      PastBook offers a one-click way print a hardcopy photobook or free PDF of your Instagram and Facebook photos, including comments and likes, and the date that your photo was taken.

      You can also organise photos into albums based on #hashtags, dates or months, and you can easily and quickly share or download in a matter of seconds.

      To try for yourself, go to


      Wendy Li
      PastBook Team Member

  35. Karen says:

    Another option is to create a large poster of your prints.

    I recently created this new startup that is so easy to use. You can create 24″x24″ or 24″x36″ posters of your instagram photos. It is a drag and drop interface so you can put your photos where you want. Super easy and fast shipping. Check it out at


  36. espartacov says:

    have a look on
    You can turn your instagram in cool stuff: magnets (2 diferent sizes), decorative squares, calendars, pohotobooks…
    good value for money! yu can choose from diferent sizes and diferent amounts…

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