Instagram Insanity: 60+ Ways to Print, View and Share Instagram Photos


Instagram, the iPhone (and soon Android) app that makes it easy to share photos will friends and family, is blowing up. In March of this year, Instagram had over 27 million users and over 100,000 weekly downloads. Whether you already love it or are just now getting into the craze, this roundup is all about helping you get the most out of your Instagram photo sharing and viewing experience. If you are already and Instagram user then you’ve probably heard of a few of these services before but I’m sure there’s plenty of new territory for you to discover. As always, let me know what I’ve missed–if it’s something good I’ll get it added!

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  1. Postagram – Instantly print and ship Instagram photo postcards (iPhone).
  2. SnapWidget – Add Instagram photo gallery widgets to your site or blog. *LM
  3. Hashgram – A clean, minimalistic Instagram search tool.
  4. Copygram – Copy and vanity URL Instagram photos.
  5. Instaport – Export, download and backup Instagram photos.
  6. Followgram – Creates an Instagram follow button for blogs.
  7. Instadrop – Automatically sync your Instagram photos with Dropbox.
  8. Hashtagram – Realtime slideshow of Instagram photos.
  9. Instabam – Find lovely Instagram photos near your current location.
  10. Instahub – Collection of

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