Tiggzi Mobile App Builder Giveaway: Comment to Win!


Are you looking to build a mobile app? Of course you are because it just makes good business sense. Maybe you saw our recent post titled 100 Tools to Develop the Next Killer iOS or Android App and wanted to get in on the action but weren’t sure which direction to go. Well Tiggzi has offered to let 5 DailyTekk readers try out their Pro product free for 3 months (a$150 value). If you’re looking for a great way to build an HTML5 app that is compatible with any iOS device (iPhones, iPads) as well as Android mobiles then this may be your lucky day! If you’re a winner, be sure to check out another awesome resource from DailyTekk to help you get the most out of developing your app: 5 iPhone App Experts Share What It Takes to Make a Great App.

Tiggzi’s Great Features

Use PhoneGap to access native device features. A beautiful drag and drop interface allows you to build an awesome user interface using jQuery components. Connecting user interface components (such as make this button do this when clicked) is easy too thanks to the visual mapper. Of course if you really want to you can write your own custom JavaSrcript. The list of cool features goes on and on.

Enter to Win

To enter, write us a comment below describing why you want to (need to?) win. Needless to say, if you provide us with some good details as opposed to one sentence then you’re going to have a better shot. Next, make sure to tweet about this post using the hashtag #freetiggzi so we can track you down. Then, you’re golden. I’ll be giving these out to the first 5 good commenters/tweeters I see so don’t waste any time!


  1. János Kernács says:

    I want to develop a new innovative photo and fun sharing system with PhoneGap and Tiggzi!

  2. Kevin says:

    I’m trying to consolidate my development and testing toolsets. Tiggzi looks like it might be a good fit.

    Some long term real world testing, with proprietary lockin, is just what I need.

    3 months free also would be a great bonus :)

  3. Russ says:

    basically, i need to win the toolset so i can build turn my great app idea into a wealth creation engine, become independently wealthy, quit my job and live out my days in the caribbean!

  4. Russ says:

    I have used phone gap and MonoDevelop – it looks like Tiggzi will be much easier to work with. Using Tiggzi I will build my great app idea, sell millions of apps, quit my job, get bought by facebook for 2 billion, and live out my days in the Caribbean.

    1. Kresge says:

      Would it be possible to make the Android app also dblnwoadaole from this website (as .apk file)? The market doesn’t work in all situations, for example for many tablet computers that are not phones. That would be great! Thanks!

  5. Daily Tips says:

    A friend of mine wants to make an Android app and has asked me to code it for him. Does anyone know of a program that will let me create an app without any knowledge of coding?

  6. Rodrick V says:

    I would love to win so I could make an app for my school. I’d also love to make an app that lets you save small bits of information.

  7. Paul Klosterman says:

    Looks like a great tool for app development. Now I have no excuse to NOT create the most amazing photo app ever!

  8. Sangyong Gwak says:

    It looks best. I like it. I hope I win.

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