75+ Music Industry Tech Tools for Artists, Bands, Managers and Execs


This post is a follow-up to a recent post titled 100 Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music (which savvy musicians will see as 100 more resources to exploit). That post was for the consumer side of the industry, the fans. While creating that post I was also creating this post at the same time. I had originally intended to make another top 100 post out of it, but just didn’t get there. Nonetheless, I think this should be a seriously helpful resource for artists, especially newer artists or musicians who may be a bit older in age :). What you’ll find here are some excellent tools for managing the business side of your musical career, some direct-to-fan marketing and distribution services, cool concert tools and a huge variety of services to help you market yourself and spread the word and more.

A few years ago I ran a national Christian music talent search and managed a few bands. Even longer ago I had fun playing the drums for a local band that had a lot of potential but never really went anywhere. I looked up from my desk the other day and saw a signed drumhead hanging on the wall featuring autographs from some of the bands I had worked with in the past and it got me thinking about writing a post like this ...

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