Cool Tech this Week #1

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DailyTekk got its start showcasing a cool and useful gadget every single weekday (we called it our daily tech finds). Anyone remember those? We’ve gone in a bit of a different direction since then, but I still want to post some great tech finds from time to time. I don’t have a lot of time to write about each find, so this will mostly be an eye candy and link roundup, but that’s all you really need or want anyway, right? Something quick to look at and when you find something you like more info is just one click away! I’ll try to make this a weekly thing (but no promises).

Bluetooth iPad Keyboard Case

Rock It 2.0 Speaker

Wake Up Light


The Feinger


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Today’s Top New Apps - See the Top 50

  1. DeviantArt Mobile App


    The world's largest art gallery in your hand

  2. Dealflicks


    Movie ticket deals - up to 60% off

  3. MailTime


    Messaging Style Emails

  4. Desk App


    The desktop blogging app you've always wanted

  5. Dropzone 3


    Dropzone enhances drag and drop on your Mac

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