100 Useful Job & Internship Resources


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Update: AmazonWill Now Pay You $18-25/hr to Deliver Packages

The Great Recession. Some people have managed to escape relatively unscathed from the worst financial crisis America has seen since the Great Depression. For millions of others, life has become orders of magnitude harder. It’s harder to get a house, harder to fund a college education and harder to find a job. Because today’s job market is as cutthroat as ever, a job seeker needs to use the best available tools at their disposal to come out ahead. The thought of finding a job in the current economy can be daunting or downright intimidating whether you’re a student fresh out of school looking for an internship or entry-level position or a person nearing retirement age trying to convince an employer you’re worth hiring.

The goal of this post is to take the scariness out of starting your job search and to equip you with the best tools the internet has to offer to help you stand out from the crowd and crush the competition. Included here are the best job resources ...

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