100 Useful Blogging Tools


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Have you heard?!? Blogging is dead! It’s not, actually, but that’s what some people would like you to believe. Blogging is very much alive and well 5 months into 2012 (you’re reading a blog right now). Blogging is one of the Internet’s oldest platforms for sharing information and it’s just as important as ever to the Internet ecosystem. True, less people and businesses are blogging this year, but the bloggers that remain tend to actually publish worthwhile content. If you’re a tech startup, you can’t tell me you don’t want to be covered on Techcrunch. Yes, Twitter (a micro-blog itself) and Facebook (built-in blogging capabilities) and a slew of new apps and networks are making it easier than ever to share information, and control who sees it, but some things simply can’t be said in 140 characters or less or shouldn’t be hidden behind a walled garden. The open Web is here to stay (it would be a sad world if it disappeared) and blogging remains the best way to publish high-quality, findable and useful information quickly and easily ...

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