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New-Startups.com Network Adds DailyTekk to Roster

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Are you familiar with New-Startups.com? The site is an aggregated gallery and expert peer review platform that collects a wide range of bright new ideas from around the globe with the goal of keeping you up to date on incredible emerging businesses. Aside from producing excellent content themselves, New-Startups.com also hosts a network of hand-picked content from some of the top sources of tech startup news online including Mashable, TechCrunch, VentureBeat and Springwise among others. I’m pleased to announce that DailyTekk has been added to the network as well (view DailyTekk’s network channel).

Here’s what Jay Kapadia of New-Startups.com had this to say: “Our network members contribute a large range of incredible content on a daily basis for the entrepreneurial and startup communities and DailyTekk is one of the most incredible sources of information in these realms. We hand pick which blogs bring the best in startup news, and DailyTekk has continuously proven itself as a place for one to find new, original and interesting lists and thoughts on a varied set of topics. We are very excited to have DailyTekk a part of our New-Startups.com Network and family.”

Thanks Jay! We’re psyched to be a part of the New-Startups.com Network.