100 Tasty Food Apps, Sites and Startups (Categorized)


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Hungry for a better way to discover or prepare something tasty to eat? Since food is such an essential part of your everyday life, you’ll be glad to know that a swarm of companies and people, including many awesome startups, have developed some innovative ways to connect you with your next meal. Following is a list of categorized mobile and web apps, food blogs and recipe sites that you’ll likely end up using on a regular basis.

There is a lot of innovation happening in the food industry. This list is packed with a bunch of really awesome food startups that can help you find great individual dishes at specific restaurants, find the best dining deals based on your location in realtime, help you preserve your awesome food experiences and memories and of course stay fit and healthy. After completing this list, I can see that there’s never been a better time to be a foodie. If you’re into cooking I’ve included many excellent resources for finding and saving recipes, finding ingredients and saving money on groceries with great deals....

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