8 Innovative Social Startups that Could Help Topple Facebook


Can Facebook ever be toppled? This is a question that began running through my head when I saw that nearly half of the people surveyed in a recent poll believe Facebook will fade away as new platforms come along. It wasn’t long before I began wondering what those new platforms might look like. I’m actually one of those crazy people who aren’t on Facebook, so I could honestly care less if it did fade away, but, with a base of nearly 1 billion users, you’d think Facebook’s share of the social networking market must look pretty attractive to someone out there besides Google… To find out who that someone might be, I began a week-long quest that revealed the various soft spots in Facebook’s considerable underbelly and also led me to connect with 8 very cool, very smart social startups that could help lead the way in a social networking revolution given the right circumstances.

Searching for Facebook’s Achilles’ Heel

Before my quest even began I realized that it was ludicrous to think that Facebook would somehow sink into oblivion anytime soon. I also realized that Facebook doesn’t have to cease to exist in order for other players to survive, or even thrive. But, could a competitor ever thrive enough to steal Facebook’s crown? To answer that question I began exploring whether or not Facebook ...

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