7 Scorching-Hot Social Media Trends Happening Right Now

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While doing some research for a recent article on breakout social startups I was able to identify 7 unique trends happening in social media right now. All I can saw is, “wow,” because the social media landscape is changing so quickly. I believe this is because companies have started asking themselves what real life social situations people are facing day to day in order to find instances where current social media offerings fall short so they can build a product to address those opportunities. As saturated as the social media market seems to be at the moment, there is still a lot of room for meaningful expansion, as proven by the products listed below. It’s beginning to look as if finding the right social networking experience will be a bit like shopping for cereal on an aisle packed with crowded shelves and many options.

For the time being it seems as though connecting with people through technology will be a bit of a fragmented experience. There are increasingly more networking options which is nice on the one hand, but I wonder if people will get tired of issues like adding the same contacts to circles or groups for every new service they may want to join. Soon there will probably be an app that caters to every type of human interaction or social situation a ...

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