10 Ways to Cure Boredom and Find Something Fun To Do


Are you bored? Why not use technology to get up off your butt and find something fun to do? I’m not talking about playing games on the computer. I’m talking about getting up, getting out and living. These days we spend so much time on our computers (at work and at home) that if we’re not careful, we’re going to miss out on everything cool that’s happening around us. It happens to the best of us–there are times when we have all been bored to tears and had no idea what to do. So when the Xbox or Playstation gets old, when the board games become bored games and when you’ve watched through every season of your favorite show on Netflix 3 times…. it’s time to check out the sites below.

Here you can find something fun to do by yourself or with a group. See what experiences your local town or city has to offer, find upcoming events, find cool spots that would otherwise pass right under your radar. These apps and websites are going to revive your day, week, month and year. So what are you waiting for?! Get out and do something!

Which service looks the best? Have you used any of these before? If so, how was it? Am I missing any good resources? Let me know by leaving a comment ...

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