Amazon, Jeep, Apple All Guilty of Blatant False Advertising


I am incredibly sick and tired of false advertising (Wikipedia). Sometimes it’s so wrong it’s actually funny (not when it’s targeted at you of course), but most of the time it is aggravating, infuriating or downright pathetic. In the last 24 hours I’ve been blasted by false advertising from well-known companies. False advertising can cost brands millions, yet they still don’t get the picture. Are big brand retailers actually getting away with extortion? Are ad agencies so desperate, have their creative wells run so dry, that they simply lie to us now? Is the world’s most beloved computing company (yes, biased) trying to sell me a load of bull? Yes, yes and yes. Allow me to demonstrate.


I recently ordered the entire boxed set of the King of Queens series from Notice the box says “complete series” which is described on Amazon’s website as containing 27 discs. Well it did come with 27 discs but it was entirely missing the 4th season! When I contacted Amazon to see what they were going to do about it, I got this response:

I’m really sorry to hear the Fourth Season of The King of Queens you’ve purchased wasn’t included in your shipment. This usually doesn’t happen. I’m sorry; I’m not able to replace individual pieces from a set, but I’ll replace the set for


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