The 5 Best Smart Watches of 2012


There are two reasons to wear a watch: fashion and function. Over the last 100 years, designers have been working furiously to create high-fashion watches but the function has basically remained the same: telling time. Over the last several decades a few new features have managed to creep in: altimeters, tide monitoring, chronographs, etc. but none of these functions are really mind-blowing. Just recently we have seen some incredible advances in the watch functionality department, the best of which you will find here.

Remember the Microsoft SPOT watch and the MSN Direct service that accompanied it that quietly died in 2008? It was a bit ahead of it’s time. Now, in the age of the ubiquitous smartphone, could we be on the verge of the age of the ubiquitous smartwatch? If you remember, “smart” hand-held devices like the Handspring Visor were really dorky when they came out.

Now, fast-forward to the spiritual successors of the palm pilot era devices and you get the iPhones and Androids you see today. They are everywhere and they are no longer dorky. As the internet of things continues to take over our lives, I’m guessing it would be a safe bet that the term smartwatch will be catching on very soon in a non-dorky way.

Unfortunately we haven’t progressed to the point of having an actual, official Apple-produced smart ...

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