5 Awesome Ways to Tame Your Social Media Feeds


If you’re busy on social media platforms you know it can be hard to find the good content, the content that’s actually worth your time, the stuff you really want to see. In order to quit wasting your time, you may consider checking out one of the tools below which can help you sift through the junk and get to the good stuff. Let’s face it: it can be a pain to login to multiple websites or apps to check in on what’s new. The idea behind these services is that good content should surface automatically. Rebel Mouse is the newest startup in this space and is generating a lot of positive buzz. It’s still in beta for now, but you can check out the other 4 options below while you wait to try it out.

Have you used any of these services before? How do you like them? Did I miss anything good? Leave me a comment below to let me know.

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Rebel Mouse

Rebel Mouse is your social front page. (Beta)


Prismatic surfaces the most interesting and relevant news based on people you follow.


Bottlenose is a social media dashboard that helps you surf the  social media stream instead of drown in it.



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