100 Sources of Idea Fuel for Tech Entrepreneurs

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Here’s a candid admission: this post is far and away the coolest, most useful post I believe we have ever published on this site. It’s absolutely jam-packed with some of my favorite resources and links for stirring up creativity. For those who must scratch the insatiable entrepreneurial itch but need some help generating ideas, this post will be liking hitting the mother lode because sometimes you feel like you want to be inspired but don’t know where to look. In other words, when it’s time for a lightning bolt of energy to strike, consider this post your lightning rod.

Some of these ideas and links are obvious, yet it’s nice to have things conveniently organized for easy accessibility. If nothing else, this post is a source of knowledge and learning. As Alvin Toffler said, “The illiterate of the future are not those who can’t read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

Hint: The last section of this post titled “Find Inspiration in Random Places” may surprise you by jolting your brain into overdrive. Cross-pollination and looking for ideas outside of your industry or normal scope of vision could be just the thing you need to take your product or business to the next-level.

Let me know in the comments if I missed a great resource and be sure to tell me why you love it.

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Find Business Ideas and Spot Trends

  • Springwise – Your essential fix of entrepreneurial ideas.
  • Big Think – Blogs, articles and videos from the world’s top leaders and thinkers.
  • PSFK – A go-to source for ideas and inspiration.
  • trendwatching.com – Scans the globe for consumer trends, insights and innovations.
  • IdeaMensch – A community of people with ideas.
  • CoolBusinessIdeas – A blog that highlights promising new business ideas around the world.
  • Trend Hunter – Technology trend spotting community fueled by a network of curious people.
  • TrendsNow – Future trends magazine.

Ruminate on Industrial Design Concepts

Dig Through Data

Browse and Participate in Open Innovation Projects

  • OpenIDEO – An open innovation platform where people design better, together.
  • Inkling – Prediction markets, idea evaluation, crowd forecasting and data insights.
  • Hypios – A social marketplace for solutions.
  • Icon – Gives you a quick way to tap your crowd for ideas, knowledge and feedback.
  • Brainrack – Out of the box innovation that connects students with organizations.
  • Intrade – A prediction market.
  • One Billion Minds – An amazing new way to discover and support innovation.
  • InnoCentive – Organizations can solve key problems through crowd sourcing.
  • Innovation Exchange – Where creativity is the currency. For sponsors and innovators.
  • ideaken – Individuals collaborate to innovate in exchange for a reward.
  • Open Innovation Community – News, research, discussions and applications.

Drool Over Cool Products that Already Exist

  • Uncrate – The best tech gear for guys.
  • Svpply – Curated collected of the world’s best tech products and stores.
  • Fancy – Part store, blog, magazine and wish-list.
  • Cool Hunting – Highlighting creativity and innovation in design and technology.
  • Bless this Stuff – Tech to drool about, for men.
  • oobject – Visual lists of man-made objects.
  • Curisma – Discover cool tech (a gadget-focused social network).
  • TheCoolist – Web magazine about design, gadgets and more.
  • Gear Patrol – Spirit of adventure, passion for gear.
  • Werd – Gadgets for guys.
  • The UberReview – An eclectic mix of gadgets and wired madness.
  • The Awesomer – Awesome stuff.

Follow Top Futurists on Twitter

  • Gerd Leonhard – Keynote speaker, futurist, strategist, author and CEO.
  • Jim Carroll – Futurist, trends and innovation expert, author and columnist.
  • Paul Higgins – Futurist interested in technology.
  • Brian David Johnson – Intel futurist, author and speaker.
  • Ray Kurzweil – Author, inventor and futurist.
  • Glen Hiemstra – Founder of Futurist.com, speaker, author, consultant.
  • Joyce Gioia – Consulting futurist, best-selling author and professional speaker.
  • Garry Golden – Professional Futurist (M.S. Futures Studies).
  • Dr. James Canton – Global futurist, CEO & Chairman Institute for Global Futures and author.
  • Jack Uldrich – Author, futurist, keynote speaker and unlearning fanatic.

Read Technology Blogs

  • VentureBeat – Interpreting innovation.
  • Techcrunch – Obsessively profiling startups.
  • PandoDaily – New, but striving to be the site-of-record for silicon valley.
  • GigaOm – Tech news, analysis and trends.
  • The Verge – In-depth technology news and reviews.
  • ArsTechnica – The art of technology.
  • Mashable – Social media news and web tips.
  • Gizmag – Gadgets and emerging technologies.
  • The Next Web – International tech news, business and culture.
  • ReadWriteWeb – Web apps, technology trends and social media.

See the Future as Envisioned by Others

Find Inspiration in Random Places

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