DailyTekk Find: Google Nexus Q Social Streaming Media Player

As unpopular as this opinion might be, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that with the Google Nexus Q ($299), Google has actually aesthetically out-designed Apple (in the case of media streaming devices). I love the look of this hardware, hence the 5-star coolness rating. Slap bright colored lights in any form on any product and it’ll make me like it that much more, so I really like the Q’s light-up color stripe. With apparently poor controls and video streaming/buffering quality, the Nexus Q may not outperform the Apple TV, however, (or similar Roku, Sonos, name a streaming media device here) plus, the price seems a bit high. What do you think, would you buy one?

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EditorDailyTekk Find: Google Nexus Q Social Streaming Media Player