100 Artist Concepts Predicting the World of the Future


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What will technology look like in the future? That’s a question nobody knows for sure, but DailyTekk is taking a stab at predicting future technologies via a new project called A Future Invested. It’s an interactive online story written by multiple authors and published here on DailyTekk one chapter at a time set 30 years into the future. We like to think of it as idea fuel for the entrepreneurs and innovators that make up the core of our audience (if that doesn’t describe you, just consider it a fun and free book!). To help celebrate the launch of the very first chapter, we’ve compiled 100 amazing artworks depicting what the future might actually look like.

Floating billboards, flying cities, personal spacecraft, airborne highways, larger-than-life skyscrapers, an enormous electric fence shielding a massive coastal city, streams of power flowing into and out of orbit… these are just some of the incredible epic and surreal concepts envisioned below. Each picture offers the opportunity for your imagination to go wild. Ask yourself what kinds of technologies could exist in each of ...

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