Can’t Miss Startup Advice (July)


As Oscar Wilde once said, “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on.” Well, here at DailyTekk we come into good advice all the time. More specifically, the site is quickly becoming a treasure trove of entrepreneurial advice from some of the world’s brightest minds. As you may or may not know, from time to time we feature interviews with innovators that are making a big impact on the world. One of the questions we like to ask them is, “What’s your best advice for someone who wants to start a tech company?”

This particular roundup of excellent advice is particularly unique because it features opinions from people whose work intersects with the tech industry from another industry such as advertising (Martin Sorrell) and design (Matthew Smith). This is a good thing because you don’t get the same old answers you might otherwise see in a group of pure techies. Of course the techies know a thing or two about their industry as well (duh) so we’ve got you covered there as well with sources representing travel, music and mind-mapping products as well. Enjoy!

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Build on Reputation

Contributed by: Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP

It’s not fashionable to work in an industry and a company and build a reputation and a ...

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