College Tech: 101 Indispensable Apps, Websites, Services & Resources for Students


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College life can be crazy… that’s why we’ve compiled 100 awesome tech tools for college students. Whether you are studying, socializing, finding food (our first three categories), trying to land a great internship or looking for a way to pay for tuition, we’ve got you covered. As usual, we’ve included plenty of brand new startups so there is a ton of fresh new content to explore. Isn’t it nice to have everything in one convenient, bookmarkable place? I saw that a popular tech blog has been publishing “back to school” posts with subjects like “the top 5 iPhone cases” and a few “dorm gadgets” that seemed really lame. So, I thought I’d hook you up with some actually useful tech tools that will help you rock at everything from academics to relaxing. Game on. If I missed anything good, leave me a comment to let me know!

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  1. StudyHall.com – Study, share, connect with your classmates.
  2. Quizlet – Study languages, vocabulary or almost anything (and share with your friends).
  3. NoteWagon – Turn notes into cash (study guides, practice problems, chapter summaries).
  4. iStidiez Pro – Sophisticated student planner for Mac, iPhone or iPad.
  5. Wolfram|Alpha – Enter what you want to calculate or know about.
  6. STUDYBLUE – Make online flashcards and notes. Study anywhere, anytime.
  7. Boundless – The free textbook replacement; high-quality, open-licensed educational content.
  8. Brightstorm – Quick homework help (math, science, test prep).
  9. Notesolution – Ace your exams with the best notes at your school.
  10. instaGrok – Understand concepts like gravity thoroughly and intuitively.
  11. Chegg – Expert help in all subjects, eTextbooks, course reviews and more.
  12. OpenStudy – Social learning network and global study group.
  13. Koofers – Free test bank, lecture notes, professor ratings and more.
  14. Desmos – A beautiful, free online graphic calculator.


  1. Path – Stay connected with family and close friends.
  2. Pair – An app just for couples.
  3. Meetup – Find a meetup group near you by topic or interest.
  4. Wendr – Discover what your friends are doing tonight.
  5. Flaunt – A social network for student professionals.
  6. Highlight – A fun way to learn more about people nearby.
  7. Ourspot – Rediscover relationships.
  8. Pearescope – Privately introduces you to nearby friends of friends.
  9. Banjo – Notifies you when any of your friends are near.
  10. Everyme – The private social network.
  11. Diaspora – A creative way to remix your world.
  12. Touch – Share and chat with your closest friends and family.
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  1. Hngry – Figure out where and what to eat.
  2. Seamless – Order food for delivery and takeout.
  3. Forkly – See “what’s good” at restaurants and share discoveries with friends.
  4. Thryve – Start eating what makes you feel great.
  5. Grubwithus – An easy way to meet cool new people at top restaurants.
  6. Evernote Food – Find and remember memorable food experiences on your iPhone.
  7. BiteHunter – Real-time location-based mobile app for finding great dining deals.
  8. CookItFor.Us – Get the recipes you crave made.
  9. Feastie – Search top food blogs for the tastiest new recipes.
  10. Allmenus.com – Find every menu here. Order online for delivery or takeout.

Stay Organized

  1. Evernote – Remember everything.
  2. Schooltraq – A smarter academic planner for a smarter you.
  3. Scheedule – The calendar reinvented for students.
  4. Workflowy – Organize your brain.
  5. inClass – The last school app you’ll ever need (schedule, notes and more).
  6. Springpad – Smart notebooks to organize and share whats important to you.
  7. Awesome Note – Combine notes and todos in one app (iPad and iPhone).
  8. Clear – Breathtakingly-simple todos for iPhone.
  9. Things – Comprehensive todo list for Mac, iPad and iPhone.
  10. Wunderlist – Free and easy-to-use task manager.
  11. Any.DO – Award-winning reminder app that helps you do anything (iOS/Android).

Get an Internship/Job

  1. InternMatch – Find internships (including paid internships)
  2. Readyforce – Be found by your dream company.
  3. Seelio – A stage for college students to distinguish themselves.
  4. TalentEgg – Helps students and recent grads transition from school to work.
  5. StartUpHire – Find jobs at top startups.
  6. Internships.com – Internships and internship guidance.
  7. Pocket.Jobs – Post and pickup jobs.
  8. HireAHelper – Part-time and full-time labor jobs.
  9. After College – Entry level jobs and internships.
  10. YouTern – Startup internship opportunities.

Finance Your Education

  1. Tuition.io – Manage student loans; optimize your debt.
  2. Campus Shift – Make money, save money, have fun!
  3. Alltuition – The college financial aid common application.
  4. ScholarPRO – Get matched with personalized scholarships; manage them online.
  5. SoFi – Connects students and alumni for community financing opportunities.
  6. Go Financial Aid – Advisors and consultants for FAFSA and CSS profile.
  7. BookRenter – Rent your textbooks, save a bundle.
  8. MeritAid.com – Comprehensive directory of merit and academic scholarships.
  9. Athletic Scholarships Direct – Do you believe you can play at the next level?
  10. Scholarships.com – Find scholarships while colleges recruit you.
  11. Learndipity – Scholarships + savings.

College Life

  1. SparkCollege – Blogs, admissions, college life and school reviews.
  2. Spill – Peer support network for empathy and encouragement.
  3. OOHLALA – Energize the student experience.
  4. Localmind – Know what’s happening around town, right now.
  5. Roommat.es – Makes living with roommates easy.
  6. HackCollege – Student-powered life-hacking. Work smarter, not harder.
  7. UniYu – Support network for students.
  8. JusCollege – Social experiences, local services and deals on goods.
  9. Sumpto – Free stuff for college students.
  10. UCampus – Better connect with your city and school.
  11. 99U – Insights for making ideas happen.
  12. Amazon Student – Exclusive deals for college students.
  13. Blog U – Inside higher ed.

Online Learning

  1. Khan Academy – Learn almost anything for free.
  2. Udemy – Online courses from the world’s top instructors.
  3. Coursera – The world’s best courses, online, for free.
  4. Udacity – Free online courses from world renowned university professors.
  5. Skillshare – A community marketplace for classes.
  6. TED-Ed – Lessons worth sharing.
  7. Sophia – Learn in your own way. Over 25,000 tutorials.
  8. Memrise – The free and fun way to learn anything.
  9. The Concord Consortium – Digital learning for science, math and engineering.
  10. General Assembly – A global network of campuses for technology, business and design.


  1. Xollage – Find courses across multiple colleges and universities.
  2. Abroad 101 – Study abroad programs and reviews.
  3. Acceptly – College prep; see your chances of getting in.
  4. Inkling – Interactive books for iPad and the web.
  5. Kno – eTextbooks for iPad, Galaxy Note, Windows and the web.
  6. 30 Second MBA – Tips from business leaders.
  7. Fit Campus – Get fit, win prizes.
  8. Thoughtback – Program your mind, one thought at a time.
  9. BetterGrads – Connects high school students with college students as mentors.
  10. Acceptional – Sample college admissions essays.


  1. Adi Mishra says:

    Hi Chris,
    Would consider taking a look at and listing LifeTopix here? Our blog post about how it’s a great organization app for students: http://lightarrow.com/7-tips-to-get-organized-for-back-to-school
    We have built a really complete organization app unlike the typical note-taking apps and to-do list apps. More screenshots: http://lightarrow.com/a-sneak-peek-at-lifetopix-5-0

    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Hey Adi,

      Out of fairness, we’re trying a new policy out where suggestions live in the comments… we just can’t be fair to everyone out there (and obviously there is so much info we couldn’t fit it all if we even knew about it). I hope you understand. We have plenty of awesome lists planned for the future and if it fits, we’ll try to include it there for sure!


      1. Adi Mishra says:

        I understand and appreciate that, Chris! No worries.
        But do take a look at LifeTopix just for your own curiosity – we’ve really tried to break the mould with an ambitious super app for life organization. The screenshots link is a quick way to sample what it is. http://lightarrow.com/a-sneak-peek-at-lifetopix-5-0
        Really like your blog. Don’t know how you stay so prolific.

  2. Johny says:

    These lists are very resourceful for students. There is something for everyone. Well done Chris!

  3. Jonathan Lau says:

    Hi Chris,

    I work at InternMatch and was very happy to see that you put us as the #1 site for internships. I would love to hear why you put us as #1 as well as your thoughts on the site itself.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Hey Jon,

      Looks to me like you have a solid resource in and of itself, but to me (as a person who game from the graphic/web design field) the design of the site and user interface counts for a lot. Design and expressed creativity is a huge factor for me (and for everyone, even if they don’t realize it).


  4. Sarah says:

    Another suggestion for online learning is training marketplace http://www.OpenSesame.com, the company I work for. While many of the courses are intended for businesses, there are a ton of Khan Academy courses listed for free as well as other courses students can use to build skill sets related to their education and career.

    TechRepublic recently featured a course about how online learning by OpenSesame and other providers can aid in the pursuit of certifications that make college students (or anyone without work experience) more employable:


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