Radar: Is Apple’s CEO Starting to Slip? (Animated GIFs, Naked iPhones)


Ready for another daily tech update? Here’s what’s on the radar today:

  1. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, appears to be de-Steving the company. That’s a bad thing.
  2. Animated GIFs: sometimes funny, always pointless. It’s the trend that won’t die.
  3. The agonizing decision of whether or not your iPhone should wear a case or go naked.

Is Apple’s CEO Starting to Slip?

So, Apple is developing a smaller 7 inch iPad as you have likely heard. I’d like to know why. Is Apple just worried about competing at a lower price point to duke it out with the new Amazon Kindle models? If so, they shouldn’t. I wouldn’t buy one. A smaller iPad just isn’t necessary. Its superfluous. The last thing I want to see is Apple’s product lineup getting bloated again. Why would Apple start copying Android devices now? I’m a bit worried about where Cook is steering Apple. Someone needs to be able to say no, even to ideas that seem like they might be great and someone needs to be able to understand consumers on a deep level like Steve Jobs used to be able to do. I always thought Tim would be a great manager and not necessarily a big visionary and I’ll be fine with that… until he starts tweaking existing products in bad or unnecessary ways. Apple was great for ...

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