Paid Apps Make My iPad Worthwhile


According to TechCrunch, most apps (89%) that are downloaded are free apps. What’s interesting to me is the fact that I get the most value from paid apps, not free apps (which seems a bit ironic).

Just like anyone with an iPad/iPhone (or Android device, which I don’t have), I’ve loaded up on free apps. In the news reader/digital magazine category alone I’m sporting Pocket, Flipboard, News360, Flud News, USA Today, CNN and Feedly. I enjoy these apps a lot and spend a lot of time in them. I also enjoy other free apps like Zillow, Paper, Google Drive, Yelp, Twitter, LinkedIn and Kayak. The thing is, while those free apps offer value, my “workhorse” apps tend to be paid: iPhoto, Keynote, Blogsy, Playcaller, Evernote (the app is free, but I’m a premium subscriber).

True, I use less paid apps, but to me it is the paid apps that make my iOS devices really worth having. Here’s why: I can consume news, manage social networking, arrange travel plans and check email from any device–but–the whole appeal of an iPad, to me, is greater mobility with a slimmer profile. The ability to blog seriously (the free WordPress app leaves too much to be desired), edit and manage photos, create and edit presentations and stay on top of every note or thing I need to remember/organize… that makes the iPad extremely worthwhile to me. I can now leave my laptop at home in many cases. As much as I love my MacBook Air and the slimness of it’s profile, it doesn’t compare to the size and weight of an iPad.

Oh ya… paid games are much better than free games.

What are your thoughts?

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