100 Grand Landmarks as Seen from Google Maps


It’s a wonderful world we live in and Google is doing an amazing job of mapping it. Most people use the service to get directions, but Google’s satellite images also capture the world’s landmarks, which look a little different than you may be used to when viewed from the sky.

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Have you ever wondered what the Statue of Liberty (the one in the US–yes there are two), Niagara Falla, the London Eye, the famous Hollywood sign or the Sea of Galilee look like when viewed from above? Well, before 1999 you would have needed a plane and millions of dollars to travel the world and see what it was like. Now, for free, Google Maps will transport you anywhere in the world.

As of 2012, Google Maps contained over 20 petabytes of data (that’s 21 million gigabytes) and uses images that are updated approximately every 2 weeks according to Mashable. As you may note, some images appear blurry. This is because governments (or third party satellite owners) can have the images blurred before they reach Google (just try looking ...

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