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Coding… the world runs on it these days. Want job security? Become a developer. Want fame and fortune? Learn to code!

This post is #26 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category. Total items listed: 107. Time to compile: 6+ hours. Follow @DailyTekk on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a week!

Whether you are a world-class programmer looking for a few extra tools to add to your already awesome arsenal or a wanna-be coder looking to get into the game, these coding resources comprised of many startups (meaning you probably haven’t heard of a lot of these) as well as established sites and services are sure to help you take your game to the next level (whatever that might be). Included here are tools to help you communicate better with your team, share code, test your app and track usage, add functionality and much more. Whether you are a mobile or web app developer, I’m sure you will find something new to love here. Any suggestions on great sites or services that should be added?

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Random & Cool

  1. Tracelytics – Full stack application tracing. Cloud APM.
  2. TaskMissile – Makes getting client feedback fast, easy and exact.
  3. Kera – Activate more users with in-app tutorials.
  4. Flowdock – Team inbox with chat. Collaboration web app for technical teams.
  5. Modulus – Host, scale and gain insights into Node.js applications.
  6. Cloud Assault – Load testing without the aeronautics degree.
  7. Metricfire – Powerful application metrics made easy.
  8. Interstate – Turn potential tire-kickers into loyal users. Open project management.
  9. codenow – Developer collaboration. Easily share and discover code.
  10. Lingohub – Start localizing your software for better market adoption.
  11. TranslateKarate – Simple online translation and localization toolkit.
  12. Kickfolio – The simplest way to market your apps.
  13. Snippets – Don’t reinvent your code. Code snippets manager.

Learn to Code

  1. Treehouse – Learn to design and develop for the web and iOS.
  2. Codecademy – Interactive, fun way to learn to code with friends.
  3. Code School – Where web professionals learn by doing.
  4. Udacity – Learn by solving challenging problems from world-renowned instructors.
  5. Coursera – Lots of computer science classes–for free.
  6. RubyMonk – Interactive ruby tutorials.
  7. Khan Academy – Free world-class education on a variety of programming topics.
  8. School of Webcraft – The peer-powered way to learn web development.
  9. Google Code University – Tutorials, introductions and courses.
  10. Orientation to Android Training – Official Android classes.
  11. phpacademy – Free PHP video tutorials.

Source Control

  1. GitHub – Social coding.
  2. Pixelapse – Visual version control. Get a time-lapse view of your designs.
  3. Bitbucket – Free source code hosting.
  4. Versions – Subversion Mac client.
  5. SourceTree – A free Mac client for Git and Mercurial version control systems.
  6. OFFSCALE – Get your database under control. DB version management.
  7. Tower – Git client for Mac.

Development Platforms

  1. Heroku – Cloud application platform. Deploy and scale powerful apps.
  2. Compilr – Develop and learn code all from the comfort of your web browser.
  3. Kinvey – Mobile cloud backend as a service.
  4. Firebase – A scalable real-time backend for your website.
  5. Cloud9 – Online IDE.
  6. Parse – The complete mobile app platform.
  7. CloudMine – The backend as a service for mobile and web apps.
  8. Koding – Browser-based IDE. A new way for developers to get work done.
  9. AppHarbor – .NET cloud platform as a service.
  10. dotCloud – Deploy, manage and scale any web app.
  11. BrainEngine – Cloud-based development platform.
  12. StackMob – Powering mobile applications.
  13. PHP Fog – Rock solid cloud platform for PHP.
  14. Backrest – Easy creation of Saas data backends.
  15. Codeanywhere – Online code editor.
  16. NeptuneIDE – Full-featured, cloud-based IDE for PHP.
  17. Fusegrid – ColdFusion in the cloud.
  18. Cloud IDE – Code and deploy in the cloud.
  19. FriendCode – A social network revolving around an online code editor.
  20. ToolsCloud – Development environment in the cloud.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

  1. TestPilot – Continuous software delivery and integration, simplified.
  2. CircleCi – Continuous integration for web apps. Easy, fast, automated testing.
  3. Railsonfire – Continuous integration and deployment for Ruby.
  4. Wercker – Continuous deployment made easy.
  5. hostedci – Hosted continuous integration for iOS and Mac.

Bug Tracking, Feedback & Monitoring

  1. Crashlytics – Powerful and lightweight crash reporting for iOS and Android.
  2. Usersnap – A screenshot paints a thousand words.
  3. Crittercism – Stop worrying and start building. Mobile app performance monitoring.
  4. Rollbar – Fix errors faster. Realtime error reporting and tracking.
  5. New Relic – Web application performance management (APM).
  6. Exceptional – Tracks errors in web apps and reports them in realtime.
  7. BugSense – Mobile app insights and crash reporting.
  8. Bugzilla – Server software to help you manage software development.
  9. Bugify – Simple PHP issue tracking for small teams.
  10. BugHerd – Simple bug tracker. Capture feedback effortlessly.
  11. Snowy Evening – Bug and issue tracking with Github integration.


  1. Twilio – APIs for voice, VoIP and text messaging.
  2. Veritable – The predictive database.
  3. Stripe – Payments for developers.
  4. Factual – Structured data APIs.
  5. – Simplify user content handling.
  6. PubNub – Blazingly fast cloud-hosted messaging service for real-time apps.
  7. Mailgun – Email for developers. Send, receive, track and store email.
  8. Context.IO – The missing email API. Leverage email data in applications.
  9. Semantics3 – APIs for product data.
  10. Qubulus – Indoor positioning service provider.
  11. – SMS HTTP API using your own Android phone.
  12. Cloudeo – Live video and voice for developers.
  13. Embedly – Convert standard URLs into embedded videos, images and more.
  14. Scaled Recognition – Make images actionable.

Game Development

  1. Viximo – Global social game distribution platform.
  2. XNA – Game development tools from Microsoft.
  3. Scoreloop – Cross-platform mobile gaming SDK. Virtual currency and more.
  4. Yodo1 – Mobilize your games in China.
  5. Game Closure – Offer a JavaScript game SDK. Runs on mobile/tablet devices.
  6. scoreoid – The ultimate server platform for game developers.
  7. FTW – Universal gaming identity. Sync saves, scores, friends across devices.
  8. Storybricks – Create your own MMO experience.

Mobile Development

  1. Codiqa – Insanely fast mobile prototyping.
  2. AppCooker – Advanced iOS mockup generator for mobile applications.
  3. Apptentive – Easy in-app feedback for iPhone application developers.
  4. – iOS app store SEO and marketing.
  5. Chupa Mobile – The marketplace for mobile app components.
  6. Appboy – User engagement, CRM, analytics and more.
  7. Flurry – Analytics, traffic acquisition and monetization.
  8. Octopod – Mobile development platform.
  9. Little Eye – Battery profiler tool for Android apps.


  1. Binpress – Source-code marketplace: components, packages, classes, scripts.
  2. UploadCare – Handles uploads and storage so you can focus on other things.
  3. Eden – PHP library designed for rapid prototyping and less code.
  4. appbackr – Crowdfunding marketplace for mobile apps.
  5. Modkit – Programming for any thing.
  6. TechScratch – Focus on what you are good at and get help with the rest.
  7. Storyteller – Build great websites with content from anywhere.
  8. Feed.Us – CMS for web apps.
  9. Hosted Graphite – Simple, hosted graphite as a service.
  10. Divshot – The interface builder for web apps. Rapid HTML5 prototyping.
  11. CSS Piffle – No more photo editing software for web design.
  12. FlyWithMonkey – Tools for HTML5 app developers.
  13. Expanz – Build better business apps. One server, any device.
  14. Zapstreak – Airplay for Android.
  15. RepoDrop – Private Git repository hosting.
  16. CodeWars – Train and test your skills or battle other developers.
  17. Architexa – Understand/document complex Java code bases in Eclipse.
  18. UserMetrics – Analytics to help you understand how users use your software.
  19. Setapp – Share and discover insanely great tools.
  20. Coder Bounty – Place bounties on code issues.
  21. Last5 – Productivity and time tracking for developers.
  22. XtGem – Visual mobile site building.
  23. uTest – End to end application testing.


  1. What an amazing list. And for the non-coding app maker:

  2. Max says:

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks so much for the shoutout for Kera.


  3. Chris, awesome compilation, we’re really proud to be included. Stefan (Team Zapstreak)

  4. In the “Learn to Code Section”:
    (disclaimer: I work at C42 Engineering, the makers of RubyMonk)

    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Thanks for the suggestion (and the disclaimer). Looks cool.

  5. Wow, this gives me some great resources to keep on hand, thanks!

    A couple of items I think worth mentioning in the platforms section would be App Harbor ( and PHP Fog ( for .Net and PHP development.

    Both platforms offer free hosting versions that allow you to get your app up and running without cost, and then you can go to the paid platform and get a domain name when ready.

    I’ve worked with both and they are easy to use and very powerful.

    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Both great suggestions. Thanks for adding them.

  6. Wern Ancheta says:

    Thanks for compiling this awesome list! Just an addition to the learn to code list:
    -code academy

    but this site has the biggest collection so far. From free online books on web development, tutorials and free online courses:

    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Thanks a ton Wern! They will be my next stop.

  7. David Pushkin says:

    Thanks for the great list. The Veritable API was a great find!

    Some other interesting APIs I have come across: (Handling user content)
    Semantics3 (APIs for Products Data)
    Stripe (Payments for Developers)
    Factual API (Structured Data APIs)

    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Wow, great list. I’ll check these out now.

  8. Dan Walsh says:

    Hi Chris,

    What’s best email to reach you on? Have a couple of tools that may be of interest for future reference.


    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Give us a shout on our contact form:

      1. Dan Walsh says:

        Thanks, Chris – just sent over

        1. Dan Walsh says:

          Hi Chris,

          Did you receive my comment with couple of suggestions?


  9. Alex says:

    Hey Chris, nice list thanks, liked hearing about many tools and services I didn’t know! Another suggestion for the “Learn to Code Section”: has some pretty cool exercises with automated critiques for learning TDD and refactoring.
    (disclaimer: I work at Industrial Logic)

    1. Chris McConnell says:

      I’ll check it out–thanks for the suggestion!

  10. Mark Piller says:

    Hi Chris,

    Fantastic list, thanks for putting it together. I’d like to suggest an item for the “Development Platform” section: It is currently in the Beta sign up, but I can arrange a demo..

    Disclaimer: I am the founder of


    1. Chris McConnell says:

      I’m intrigued by the landing page. Thanks Mark!

  11. Great list!

    I suggest adding – open-source reviews by real users at MISCELLANEOUS

  12. ben says:

    Kira is awesome for audio tutorials. If you’re looking for a text-based tutorial, consider my new project: It’s cheap and easy to set up!

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  14. Eugen says:

    Nice list but what’s the target-developer for it? Any specific technology?

    I do not see some big players mentioned.
    E.g. JIRA in bug trackers
    Continuous integration list also lacks some most widely used ones such as Jenkins/Hudson, TeamCity.

    My 2 cents


    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Thanks for the comment. Above all else, we strive to uplift startups. This is both great for our readers, who find out about new companies and services, and for the startups, who get exposure. So, the majority of what you see here is comprised of startups. Occasionally we include established players to round out a list like this, but not always.

      1. Eugen says:

        Thanks for your reply Chris.
        This makes more sense to me now. I’d probably mention this though.

  15. Andrew Tatum says:

    Hey Chris — this is a fantastic list and will have me spending a few hours (at least) reviewing it and checking out all the tools/services. Thank you so much for taking time and putting it together.

    My only suggestion is to add New Relic ( to your list of monitoring tools. It’s one of the few (from what I’ve discovered, anyway) that work with .Net Applications. It’s pretty slick and has offered a ton of insight into how my apps are performing and how they could do better. I don’t work for them or anything, I’ve just recently implemented them on a few of my apps and it’s been awesome. A bit expensive, but well worth it.

    Thanks again,

    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Wow, cool find. Thanks Andrew. I’ll add it right now.

  16. Robert Kern says:

    Thanks for the mention of Bugify!

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  18. Robin says:

    It was really an wonderful collection of tools and utilities to be a better coder

  19. Hi,

    nice compilation.

    May I suggest another service HockeyApp which would fit in your “Bug tracking, feedback & monitoring” section:

    (disclaimer: I am one of the founders of HockeyApp)

  20. Mike Botsko says:

    Thanks for including Snowy Evening… it looks crossed out to me? How come? We’re not going anywhere!

    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Hey Mike… plugin issues… meant to detect broken links… have you had any downtime recently?

  21. […] in the list of 11 Bug Tracking, Feedback and Monitoring).  Head over to have a look at the list:’s a privilege to be included!My name is Robert Kern. I am a PHP developer from Auckland, […]

  22. Ron Vargas says:

    How about Websecurify for web application security testing? It is free and online, which means that you do not have to install anything.

    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Ya, that looks seriously awesome. I’ll add it when I get a chance!

  23. Vladimir says:

    For sure you should add YouTrack to the “Bug Tracking, Feedback & Monitoring” category. It is really terrific.

    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Thanks for the great suggestion Vladamir!

  24. Yop says:

    cross plateform : AIR SDK for web/ios/android
    flashdevelop : free open source IDE

    1. Chris McConnell says:

      Thanks for the suggestions!

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  27. Igor says:

    For fun code learning try They have pretty neat approach to learn code by playing around with it and trying to be as creative as you can.

  28. Surio says:

    You’ve forgotten who can be called the granddaddy of free code hosting! Sacrilege. You HAVE to acknowledge them for the service they render to the FOSS community.

    And, using which is quite decent too for project hosting.

  29. MrTate says:

    You missed out Programr ( )

    Lets you code & test Android, iOS apps right in your browser – along with Java, C++, Ruby apps and stuff.

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  33. Balaji says:

    Wow… how long to come down to type a comment???

    This shows what the page is about. Great post…

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