A Dream Home Theater Setup


So, you aren’t a millionaire but you really want a nice home theater system. The problem is, you have no idea what to get–you just need someone to make a recommendation so you can have a place to start. Well look no further because DailyTekk has you covered.

The guts of any great home theater system are the video and audio capabilities. So the best, and most obvious, place to start is picking out a stellar TV set. Next you need to feed your ears with some exquisite audio delivered via incredible speakers. After that, you’ll need a few essential accessories that will act as the icing on the cake including: at least one gaming console, a media box and of course, a DVR. Take a look at this recommended setup and let us know what you think. Be sure to add your own comments and suggestions as well.

Samsung UN55ES8000 TV

Since your TV is the hub of your home theater system, it has to be awesome. Enter the 55″ 3D-capable Samsung  UN55ES8000. This smart tv comes packed with impressive, cutting-edge features that will make you (and your friends) drool in amazement. As you would expect, the picture quality of a TV of this caliber is pretty epic (perhaps not quite as good performance-wise as a Panasonic, but as you will see it ...

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