iOS 6 Panorama Camera Function Review + Tips


If you just purchased the iPhone 5, upgraded to iOS 6 on a previous model or are thinking about doing either, one feature you are sure to love is the new panorama feature on the built-in camera app. I played around with it this weekend in the mountains while the aspens were turning bright yellow so I’ve got a few tips and comments for you.

iOS 6 Panorama Examples

Before we get any further, check out the samples below. Overall, I was very impressed with the picture quality. You could definitely print these out and hang them on a wall (as shown in the “Cheese” commercial for the iPhone 5). In fact, when I opened these in Photoshop CS6, it recognized them as RAW images. The biggest issue I had was with sun glare as you can see in a couple of the samples. This could be avoided by shooting away from the sun, but that isn’t always possible in a time crunch. The colors are magnificent and you can quickly get a handle on how to use this function after about 3 test shots, if not before. The best part? No tripod needed. iOS native functions always beat add-on apps if you ask me. I have used a number of panorama apps and this is now my definite favorite. One reason why is that ...

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