I Wish Best Buy Would Live On, But Here’s Why It Will Die


Oh Best Buy… the last bastion of electronic superstoreness left over from the good ol’ nineties. How I mourn thee. People have been calling Best Buy Amazon’s showroom for quite some time now in jest, and, while that might be true to some extent, the thing Best Buy really has going for it is that if you think of some dazzling gadget you really want to have today you can go to a Best Buy and get it.

I think it’s fair to say that many of us have fond memories of buying something we really wanted at BB over the last decade or so. Maybe a CD (long ago), a Playstation, a TV, a camera or even a smart refrigerator. I’ve praised BB in the past on this blog for helping me with a cell phone issue I was having when Verizon refused. I went through BB’s business channel recently to purchase 30-some Kindle Fires (which were promptly returned). So, ya, I like to think that I like BB.

That changed yesterday, or rather, I noticed that my sentiments toward BB had really changed. Actually, the good vibes BB used to put off have been slowly eroding for me over the past few years. Why? What could be their strongest asset in the fight to stay alive against online competition is turning ...

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