Want to Be Successful? Do Something Hard

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There is a reason why some people are more successful than others. Actually, there are many reasons, but I’m convinced that one of them is this: people don’t want to do hard things, as a general rule, so the few that are willing/able/unafraid to endure a bit of hardship are the ones who are going to come out looking like they accomplished something. Respect, money and even fame are most likely going to follow to some degree.

Take Bear Grylls for example. You don’t want to eat nasty insects and drink your own urine for the enjoyment of millions of viewers. You probably wouldn’t even want to go through the special forces training he had to endure before he ever made it on TV. But he did it and look what it got him.

Do you see what I mean? You’ve got to be willing to do something other people aren’t in order to get ahead. This could take many forms. The classic example is being an entrepreneur and trading in the safety of a steady job for the uncertainty of fledging a new company that may or may not make it in the end. It may look like taking more initiative with your boss or learning how to speak up. It could look like starting a blog that nobody reads for 6 months but ...

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