Vote Smarter: 28 Resources for Election 2012

2012 Election

Want to vote smarter? Now you can. Voting hasn’t changed all that much since our country began hundreds of years ago. Now, thanks to technology, you can check the facts, find politicians whose values most closely align with yours, see which of your friends are registered to vote (or not) and analyze whose receiving the most buzz on Twitter. This is the year of the mobile election (infographic) and you better believe technology is going to help shape the outcome of this election in a very big way. Last election, people marveled at Barack Obama’s social media strategy. Now, every politician must dedicate resources to social media or be left behind. Along those same lines, it is now easier than ever to follow the issues that matter most to you, get the latest news and analysis and make a truly informed decision. This is your election. Make your vote count.

Keep tabs on your representatives in Congress or to research pending legislation that might impact your life or business.


Helps you support your important issues where it matters most.

New York Times: Politics

News, opinion, tools and multimedia on politics and government.

Politico: 2012 Live

Campaign news, polls, results, debates & candidates.

Determine your political DNA and join politically like-minded people.

Monitors the factual accuracy of what is said by major ...

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