45 Simple Yet Profound Startup Insights


It is a truism that you can see further by standing on the shoulders of giants and this article is geared toward helping you do just that. It is packed full of inspirational and informative gold nuggets that will help any founder or startup team power through to the end zone. I’ve collected, broken down and simplified the profound thoughts (often entire posts) from the many founders and executives that have contributed to DailyTekk over the last year (see footnote) into super-simple bite-size bits that are quickly and easily digestible (as Michael Scott would say, digest them and we’ll see what comes out the other end). The end result is a powerful startup resource I think beginners and veterans alike will want to bookmark/favorite and reference from time to time—I know I will!

What would you add to this list (or modify or take away)?

  1. Don’t wait! Your idea is running away from you everyday unless you chase it.
  2. The real secret to success is to never give up—success usually goes to the last one standing.
  3. Team up with people that are better than you so that 1 + 1 = more than 2.
  4. 2-3 out of every 500 companies seeking venture capital get funded. Why? These companies have scalable business models/products that solve real problems AND have a story to tell.
  5. Serve customers, not

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