Is Siri Really This Stupid? Yikes


I love Apple products but Siri is ticking me off lately. The typical Apple product is simple and easy to use. Well, today I discovered that Siri is a little too simple… as in stupid. I love using Siri to set reminders, especially in conjunction with iCloud. That is super useful. Today, though, I asked Siri to remind me to contact Chris “A” but it couldn’t find Chris “A” in my contact book (I didn’t have their number yet) so it asked if I meant Chris “B” which I did not. I told it, “No.” Then, in an act of sheer stupidity it continued asking me over and over and over whether or not I mean Chris “B” (I wanted to see how long it would go but I gave up after about 7 tries). It is a small bug, granted, but it is eroding my confidence in Apple. Ives tells me that Apple pays attention to things people normally wouldn’t even see (like the inside of a computer or iPhone) but they can’t even get this right? I sure hope this isn’t a sign that Apple has lost the magic. See below.


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