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Why I Cancelled Buffer and Will Never Go Back


When I first discovered Buffer, the tweet scheduler web app, I liked the idea of it. Now that I have spent some significant time using it? I hate it. Why?

For one thing it is too expensive. At $10 a month, it’s more expensive than many premium web apps. I mean, Netflix streaming costs less than that per month… and I feel like I get something for that. There are even some Buffer alternatives that do essentially the same thing for free. Granted, the analytics feature was somewhat nice–I like data–but it wasn’t even always accurate. Sometimes the dashboard would say a “Bufferized” tweet had not been retweeted when in fact I could plainly see that it had been retweeted.

Annoyingly, Buffer wouldn’t let me re-post the same tweet within too close of a time frame. I contacted them about this issue and they said it was a constraint placed on them by Twitter. Even so, I can go to Twitter and post the same tweet twice in a row if I wish.

Aside from that, the site is glitchy from time to time. There are times when it just won’t work and nothing is more frustrating than broken expectations.

So, today I cancelled my Buffer account. Why not? There are plenty of powerful Buffer alternatives. If I’m going to pay for premium features I might as well get my money’s worth.

Sorry, Buffer, I just can’t put up with you anymore. It’s time for me to move on to something a bit more powerful. In the meantime, we’ll keep the Buffer button/count up on the sidebar of the site for those of you that do like to use the service. Who knows, that may change too as the Pinterest button in the Digg Digg plugin that adds the social media buttons to the side of our site is not displaying properly (and is run by the guys behind Buffer).

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  1. Hi Are you still using Circular? I also think that BufferApp is expensive at $10 per month. Even $5 is pushing it when compared to other services. They can even give me less functions as I don’t need the full box of tools.

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