Why Did Gangnam Style Go Viral?

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Gangnam Style
 by South Korean KPOP artist PSY is on its way to 1 billion YouTube views (a feat that is certainly making a pretty penny for the artist). There is no doubt about it: this video is popular. How popular? Aside from the impressive YouTube stats, PSY has now performed the song in many impressive venues including Madison Square Garden and The Today Show. He’s also been featured in Samsung advertising material and his video won Best Video at the MTV Europe Music Awards. But that is nothing when you consider the amount of parodies because you know something has truly reached the upper echelons of pop culture when it gets parodied (and parodied and parodied—even the North Korean government made a spoof). The question is, why did Gangnam Style go viral?

This week the DailyTekk Think Tank takes a stab at answering just that. What do you think?

It’s No Surprise—The Label Planned Well

The Gangnam Style video’s surprise leap into the ranks of dance videos gone viral, really isn’t a surprise at all. On the surface, the global love affair with the video featuring a little-known South Korean pop artist seems confounding. To the typical viewer, it’s just a regular guy dancing around and having fun along with a group of professional dancers. the music has a playful beat and the ...

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