Sifteo Cubes Review


Sifteo Cubes are a fun, innovative gaming system unlike anything else you can buy (see the story behind Sifteo Cubes). The sleek design boggles the mind; from the time you insert the first battery you are thinking, “Wow, this was hard to build!” Sifteo Cubes don’t just look good, they actually deliver on their promise of intelligent play. Quick and easy to get setup, the cubes interface is simple enough to master in seconds. The elements of the cubes, from the graphics to the touch/tilt technology, give off a nostalgic (for older gamers) and brand-spanking-new vibe all at once that is truly pleasant. Once the novelty of the concept wears off and all that is left is the gaming experience itself, you (or your kid) won’t be disappointed as there is plenty to hold the attention.

Unboxing the Sifteo Cubes is a fun experience. When you slide open the contents of the box you you see the 3 included cubes (which house the screens games are played on), the base station (the real brains of the operation which houses the speaker, stores games and connects to a computer to download additional content), a USB cable and a bright orange box that houses a carrying bad/pouch. Underneath the carrying bag is starter battery pack of AAA batteries (each cube uses 1 battery and the base ...

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