YouVersion’s Christmas Story Tracker


ChristmasStoryTracker96dpi6x8Dec14Launched in 2008, the YouVersion Bible App was created by a team at to help engage people with the Bible. Among the first 200 apps offered as part of Apple’s app store, YouVersion is now recognized by Appsfire and ranked #3 and #9 Best App of All Time for iPad and iPhone, respectively. Now, YouVersion has made it possible to see how many people are reading the Christmas story during the holidays. I asked the man behind the project, Pastor Gruenewald, a few questions about how this project developed, what kind of technology it runs on and what may be in store for the future. Here’s what he said:

What is the Christmas Story Tracker and where did the original idea come from?

Every year NORAD offers a Santa tracker so people can watch his progress as he delivers gifts around the world. We wanted to do something similar for the story that gave birth to the season. Every time someone uses the Bible App to read a verse about the Christmas story, the map lights a star on their country. A counter at the top right shows the total number of readings from the YouVersion community since December 1.

What regions do you see the most traffic coming from for the Christmas Story Tracker and what other interesting statistics can you share/infer from ...

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