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Are you following @DailyTekk on Twitter? If not, you should be. Aside from staying up-to-date on the latest technology content from DailyTekk we also post the best, most interesting tech news from around the web, curated, of course, to remove all the junk and give you only what is most interesting/relevant. DailyTekk has always been about filtering the world of tech and there is no better outlet to do this than Twitter. In January we’ll be 1 year old. Thus far we have amassed 2,241 Twitter followers. We’d be honored to have you follow us and even more honored to get your feedback about what you want to have us tweet! Here’s what you missed in just the last 24 hours:



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Today’s Top New Apps - See the Top 50

  1. Dolphin Browser


    The fast, smart, and free mobile browser

  2. lettrs


    Your social writing desk

  3. FxGuru


    Amazing Special Effects for Mobile Video

  4. Amazing World Atlas


    Play your way around the planet

  5. Touchnote – Christmas Edition


    World's most popular card-sending app

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