Instagram Marketing: Ideas


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Welcome to the Understanding series which connects readers with leading experts on any given subject. This week we’re learning about Instagram marketing from Camella Mendez, a content strategist with Internet Exposure, James T. Noble (@jamestnoble), a consultant who makes small businesses bigger, Jason A. Howie (LinkedIn), a web and social media manager, Kim Lachance Shandrow (LinkedIn) a tech journalist who specializes in social media marketing and Philippe Gonzalez who runs

Here’s my question for the group today followed by their answers:

What Are Some Great Instagram Marketing Ideas?

Kim Lachance Shandrow describes one idea that actually has an impact on the bottom line: “British clothing retailer Topshop (@topshop) uses Instagram to promote exclusive discount and coupon codes for new products and services, which drives traffic directly to their online store and brick and mortar locations. They’re doing it right on Instagram because they go beyond simply posting incredible images. They’re posting images embedded with calls to action, like discount codes, that bring in sales. All the while, they’re not beating a dead horse. They routinely break up their sales pitch-oriented photos by posting pics of books their staffers are reading, sketches their designers freehand, and peony flowers they send to new staff additions. They ...

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