2013 ROG Awards: 5 Mainstay iOS Apps


114407473I’m starting a new tradition this year called the ROG awards. ROG stands for Rock of Gibraltar and in this context it applies to the 5 rocksteady apps that make my iOS devices worth using. I go through a lot of apps on both my iPhone and iPad. It’s perfectly logical… I do write a tech blog for crying out loud and I am an IT Director. Aside from that, I’m a tech and Apple enthusiast. I give A LOT of apps a try from productivity apps to games, but the thing is, very few of the apps I download actually stay on my device for longer than a couple of weeks. As I really thought about it, I realized there were only five solid workhorse apps that truly make a big difference in my life.

While there are some apps that I find really cool and genuinely useful such as the iWork apps, Google Voice, a few camera apps, a weather app, some games and some social apps, this prestigious list is reserved for the top 5 apps I couldn’t live without. These apps stay on my device even as I delete scores of others that I either got bored with or that didn’t deliver on their promise or hype. These are the five apps that will make my iPhone and iPad worth owning ...

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