Instagram Marketing: Standing Out


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Welcome to the Understanding series which connects readers with leading experts on any given subject. This week we’re learning about Instagram marketing from Camella Mendez, a content strategist with Internet Exposure, James T. Noble (@jamestnoble), a consultant who makes small businesses bigger, Jason A. Howie (LinkedIn), a web and social media manager, Kim Lachance Shandrow (LinkedIn) a tech journalist who specializes in social media marketing and Philippe Gonzalez who runs

Here’s my question for the group today followed by their answers:

How Can Brands Truly Stand Out on Instagram?

James T. Noble  says, “Get REALLY creative. Instagram is all about visual appeal, so make your images as striking as possible. Think carefully about content and composition and use other apps such as Filter Mania to add some really stunning effects to your images before uploading to Instagram. You can then apply another filter from the Instagram app on top and make your images truly stunning.

Also, make the most of Instagram’s new web profile feature by creating the most eye-catching profile image you can that really captures your brand identity… and ALWAYS be super selective about every image you add to your profile—because every image is a piece of your big picture, so paint it how ...

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