Navigating the Post-Holiday Lull: A Guide for Mobile Game Developers


mobile-games-developersThe Platform is an invitation-only guest opportunity that asks technologists and innovators to share big ideas. This week you are getting schooled by Jamie Evans (Advertising Account Manager) and Nate Barker (Publisher Relations Manager) from Chartboost.

The holiday rush is over and as a mobile game developer, you’re left with a crippling eggnog addiction, tons of new users (hopefully), and questions about what to do next. To help, we’ve prepared this guide for developers looking to make the most of the post-holiday lull by analyzing, optimizing, and gearing up for the year to come.

1) App-topsy: If you followed our pre-holiday advice, then you prepared for the worst by buffing up your back-end, support team, promotional assets, etc. Now the question is – what actually worked? Did throwing Santa Hats on your characters increase click through rates on ads? If so, what other yearly events are worthy of customization? Did in-app-purchases work or were your servers crushed by a rush of illegitimate users? If you were brought down by illegitimate players, how can you make sure it doesn’t happen again? These are key to creating your plan for next year.

2) A Very Short Engagement: Holiday users are a special breed – flush with shiny new devices and laden with free time, they’re eager to give your game a shot. This honeymoon won’t last ...

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