Why Did “The Daily” News App Fail?


The-DailyWhen “The Daily” was launched by News Corp is was a new idea that had never been tried and thus felt a bit exciting, at least to me. I hate to admit this in front of this particular group of people, especially given the answers below, but I was a subscriber right up to the end. Luckily I can say that I would have cancelled long ago, but they made it nearly impossible for a busy guy like me–I simply never found the time to jump through all the crazy and unnecessary hoops needed to cancel (I’m actually a bit surprised the subscription ended when they folded). That said, to the untrained eye it might have looked as if “The Daily” was an experiment that just might have been working. Put into an equation, it might look something like this:

Backed by large corporation + good design + dedicated staff + big PR splash at launch = failure?

Even if the iPad-only publication wasn’t 100% on the right track to success, it did seem to have quite a few good things going for it. So the big question is: why did it fail? The Think Tank panel returns to tackle just that in this first question to the group in the new year. Be sure to chime in with your own opinion below!

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